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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Top 10 Bullpen Prospects

1. Bernie Pena Burlington – IntlFASea12 – Proj: 87 – ETA: Season 14 – Late season IFA steal for the Coat Factory that should join one of the league’s best teams in the next season or so. Stamina should allow for spot starts, but the bullpen is the home for this late season IFA steal.

2. Randall Scott Anaheim – DraftSea13Rd1 – Proj: 82 – ETA: Season 17 – The first reliever taken in the Season 13 draft, the flamethrowing righty has a chance to win multiple Fireman awards and close for any team in the league. Hall of Fame potential .

3. Tomas Mesa Los Angeles – DraftSea10Rd1 – Proj: 84 – ETA: Season 14 – NL AAA Fireman of the Year winner should make his mark next season for the ML squad. Good stamina for either long or short relief duties, but should excel as a closer for the Hollywoods.

4. Adam Tucker Charleston – DraftSea10Rd1 – Proj: 79 – ETA: Season 14 – This ML ready talent should ease into the Closer role for the Chews next season. All-Star talent.

5a. Rafael Telemaco New Britain – DraftSea11Rd1 – Proj: 83 – ETA: Season 14 – This former Tar Heel could make it to the bigs next season in a long or short relief role, although the Red Coats seem to be bringing him along slowly. His impressive career stats should translate well to the ML level, whenever he gets there.

5b. Bert Throneberry Pittsburgh DraftSea9Rd1 - Proj. 85 - ETA: Now - Made his debut in the Season 13 playoffs, and hopefully will be able to recover from the shelling he took at the hands of the Tropics. Outstanding temper, patience, and makeup to go along with average splits and a lack of a quality #2 pitch. Regardless, should have a long career closing for the Partymen.

6. Daniel Reitsma Albuquerque – DraftSea11Rd4 – Proj: 79 – ETA: Season 15 – This draft day steal should make the bigs in the next season or so. Low durability and lack of control will prevent him from being elite.

7. Warren Hogan Honolulu – DraftSea11Rd2 – Proj: 77 – ETA: Season 15 – Could start, but is primarily used out of the bullpen, and with good results. He should be one of the top relievers in the ML as soon as he is promoted.

8. Bobby Melfi Memphis – DraftSea11Rd1 – Proj: 77 – ETA: Season 15 – Used as a starter, his ratings indicate his money will be made out of the bullpen. Should have a nice, long career as one of the top long relievers in the game.

9. Kevin Yamaguchi San Juan – IFASea13 – Proj: 78 – ETA: Season 16 – This Japanese lefty should make his mark in the ML as a closer for the Stingrays. Good control, but may be vulnerable to righties with power.

10. Francisco Gil Scranton – IFASea9 – Proj: 78 – ETA: Season 14 – Solid prospect that may never have the stuff to close. Will struggle vs. lefties.

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