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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Top 25 SP Prospects

The first in a series of three prospect rankings (RP and Position Players to follow). These are my (jmercer77) rankings based on my advance scouting. Playes must currently be in the minors and have spent less than 10 innings in the bigs. Please let me know via trade chat if I missed anyone obvious and I'll adjust accordingly. On to the rankings!

1. Sammy Iglesias Montreal – DraftSea12Rd2 – Proj: 90 – ETA: Season 15 – Another reason for all of us in the AL to envy our French Canadian foe. In the discussion for best SP prospect in the game, he should move to the top of the Garde’s rotation in a couple of seasons, and be greeted to the collective groan of the rest of the league.

2. Ivy Latham Scranton – DraftSea13Rd1 – Proj: 90 – ETA: Season 17 –This top pick in Season 13 is arguably the top prospect in the game. A perfect pitching prospect if he had a better temper and one less pitch. Should anchor the Nala Dogs for a very long time and compete for multiple Cy Young awards.

3. Geraldo Mendez Houston - IntlFASea13 – Proj. 90 – ETA: Season 17 - Top of the rotation fireballer with the ability to compete for multiple Cy Young awards. Another reason the rest of the NL despises the Hangovers. An absolute steal on the IFA market for the Hangovers.

4. Louis Melville Los Angeles – DraftSea10Rd1 – Proj. 90 – ETA: Season 14 - ML ready SP that will fit in nicely at the top of the Hollywood’s rotation next season. May struggle at times vs. LH dominant line-ups but should have a long career at the top of the rotation.

5. Wascar Franco Scranton – DraftSea12Rd1 – Proj: 85 – ETA: Season 16 – A lock for the top of the rotation, this #1 draft pick in Season 12 should be in line for multiple All-Star games and in the discussion for a couple of Cy Young awards. This lefty excels against righties, a quality that is hard to find.

6. Bubbles Judd Cincinnati – DraftSea13rd1 – Proj:89 – ETA: Season 18 – Tremendous talent that might be limited as a Starter due to his low stamina ratings. Could be a 20 game winner out of the bullpen.

7. Juan Vincente Scranton - IFASea13 - Proj:86 - ETA: Season 17 - the embarrassment of riches continues for Scranton. Along with Franco and Latham, should have the Nala Dogs competing for multiple WS titles. Might have the best career of the three.

8. Brant Riggan Cincinnati – DraftSea12Rd1 – Proj: 86 – ETA: Season 16 - #1 or #2 SP prospect with excellent control and stamina. Versus LH and the development of a 3rd and 4th pitch may be the only things that keep him out of the Cy Young discussion.

9. Henry Stearns Buffalo – DraftSea11Rd1 – Proj: 84 – ETA: Season 16 – Tremendous patience, temper, and makeup will keep him in the majors for a very long time, assuming he can stay healthy (a big assumption). Average pitches, in addition to poor health, keep him from being elite.

10. Anthony Patterson Baltimore – DraftSea13Rd1 – Proj:84 – ETA: Season 17 – Has all the stuff to be an effective SP for any team. Below average pitches keep him from being a top of the rotation starter.

11. Steve Hamilton Charlotte – DraftSea13Rd1 – Proj:83 – ETA: Season 17 – This lefty does everything well, but nothing extraordinary. Solid #2 or #3 SP prospect.

12. Victor Merrick Los Angeles – DraftSea9Rd1 – Proj:83 – ETA: Season 14 – Injury plagued prospect that will never fulfill the promise shown early in his career. His two stints to the 60-day DL will keep him from reaching his potential, but he should be a solid middle of the rotation guy nevertheless.

13. Dallas Singleton Houston – DraftSea10Rd1 – Proj: 82 – ETA: Season 14 – ML ready now, and included on this list only because he has 1.2 innings in the Majors. Incredibly poor temper and difficulties vs. righties will keep him from excelling, although 20 wins/year is possible while playing for the Hangovers.

14. Paulie Fox San Juan – DraftSea11Rd1 – Proj: 81 – ETA: Season 16 – Southpaw SP that will slay lefties. Average against righties and lacks quality 3rd and 4th pitches.

15. Dale Whitehill Chicago – DraftSea12Rd1 – Proj: 81 – ETA: Season 16 – Solid prospect with good control and stamina. May struggle at times vs. righties but overall a solid prospect.

16. Fritz Lynch Montreal – DraftSea11Rd1 – Proj: 80 – ETA: Season 15 – Groundballer with better pitches than splits. Should have better number than ratings indicate, another solid prospect for Montreal.

17. Alberto Martinez Scottsdale – IFASea13 – Proj: 78 – ETA: Season 17 – Very good prospect with the ability to crack the top of the rotation. May struggle at times vs. lefties, but otherwise is solid.

18. Pasqual Henriquez Pittsburgh – DraftSea12Rd1 – Proj: 80 – ETA: Season 16 – Another lefty with great stamina and control. As we have seen with so many lefties, he may struggle against the right handed dominated line-ups that seem to be the norm in 1530.

19. Art Wingo Honolulu – DraftSea12Rd1 – Proj: 80 – ETA: Season 17 – The guy with the funny name and funnier face will look to take out years of childhood angst on AL batters in the not so distant future. Solid prospect for the middle of the rotation and should have a productive career.

20. Vic Bonilla Buffalo – IFASea12 – Proj: 79 – ETA: Season 16 – Dominican with tremendous control and stamina, but below average splits. 95+ heat and three + pitches will keep him in the rotation for many years.

21. Otto Podsednik Honolulu – DraftSea11Rd1 –Proj:80 – ETA: Season 14 – Another lefty with problems vs. righties. Does everything else well and should be a solid middle of the rotation contributor.

22. Vinny Boyd St. Louis – DraftSea10Rd1 – Proj. 79 – ETA: Season 15 – Fireballer with excellent assortment of pitches. Will struggle to stay deep into games and with right handed dominant line-ups.

23. Julio Lopez Burlington – IFASea13 – Proj: 79 – ETA: Season 16 – Dominican lefty that does just about everything well, but nothing spectacular. Should be a bottom of the rotation starter for one of the best rotations in the league.

24. Vic Bournigal Burlington – IFASea9 – Proj: 79 – ETA: Season 14 – Would be much higher on this list if he could control his pitches. AAA Cy Young in Season 13 indicates that he will be ready for the challenge next season.

25. Santo Calderone Charlotte – IFASea13 - Proj: 78 – ETA: Season 16 – Signed for 17 million in Season 13 and will have a hard time living up to the expectations. Tremendous control and solid pitch ratings will keep him in the bigs for a long time, assuming that he can stay healthy.

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