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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Top Position Prospects (Rough Draft)

See below. Due to Montreal's 3-0 lead, I had to get this out before the WS is over and I am locked out. Consider this a rough draft. Enjoy!

1. Jonathan Gload Cincinnati – CF – DraftSea11rd1 – Proj: 94 – ETA: Season 15 – Outstanding ratings in almost every category, although only average in durability, health, and batting eye. Surprisingly, his career OPS in the minors has yet to creep over 1.000, although it should only be a matter of time. If he can stay on the field, he will be a Hall of Famer.

2. Benji Neill Chicago – 2B – DraftSea10Rd1 – Proj: 95 – ETA: Season 14 – The first pick in Season 14, he should be a yearly contender for the batting crown. He will crush lefties and be above average against righties due to his tremendous eye and ability to get the bat on the ball. In AA in Season 13, he got on base half of the time, an amazing feat that will translate well to the bigs. Consummate #3 hitter.

3. Jose Segui Burlington – 3B – IFASea10 – Proj: 91 – ETA: Season 14 – Acquired from the Knee Bucklers for two top prospects, he should crack the Coat Factory’s lineup next season and be a nice replacement for the departing Brent Sabel. No apparent weaknesses, other than having to fill some pretty big shoes.

4. Quinton Trammell Chicago – SS – DraftSea13Rd1 – Proj: 91 – ETA: Season 18 – Another stud in the Chicago system, this Ute has it all – intangibles, glove, durability, batting eye. Not an excellent hitter, but should be an All Star.

5. Derek Burgess San Juan – SS – DraftSea13Rd1 – Proj: 90 – ETA: Season 18 – This slick fielding SS has solid intangibles and above average hitting ability. Will be one of the few defensive SS in the league with the ability to hit.

6. Rube Swann Los Angeles – SS – Draft12Rd1 – Proj: 90 – ETA: Season 17 – Contact, power, and vs. lefties in rare company. May be better suited as a 3B, and may not be as effective vs. righties. Otherwise, an amazing prospect and future stud for LA.

7. Wendell Reed Burlington – SS – DraftSea9Rd1 – Proj: 90 – ETA: Season 14 – A marginal SS but terrific prospect regardless. Hampered by injuries, but should be a mainstay in the Coat Factory line-up for years to come. All Star potential.

8. Kelly Hinch Chicago – 2B – DraftSea11Rd1 – Proj: 90 – ETA: Season 16 – Extremely talented first pick of the draft that needs more seasoning before entering the big stage. Gold Glove caliber 2B, with excellent speed and above average hitting. A lock for multiple All Star teams.

9. Alan Flair New York – 2B - DraftSea13rd1 – Proj: 89 – ETA: Season 17 – Should hit for average and power and be a contender for multiple All-Star games. May struggle vs. lefties and strike out too much, otherwise a very good prospect.

10. Don Chen Vancouver – LF – IFASea13 – Proj: 89 – ETA: Season 18 – Inexplicably rushed through the minors, this Japanese outfielder has much to prove to the critics of his 28.1 million signing bonus. Eventually, he should hit for average and power and be a threat for the triple crown. Hopefully, the Otters will be patient with his development.

11. Keith Roosevelt - Memphis – CF – DraftSea10Rd1 – Proj: 88– ETA: Season 14 – This speedy lefty will excel for the Pharohs beginning as soon as next season. Should hit for average and power and be just below the elite level, although multiple all-star appearances are not out of the question.

12. Richard Lee Los Angeles – SS – IFASea12 – Proj: 88 – ETA: Season 15 – Great power and outstanding eye. Good middle of the line-up talent.

13. Angel Siqueiros Albuquerque – 2B – IFASea9 – Proj: 87 – ETA: Season 14 – Originally signed by Burlington, he came over in the Jose Segui trade (also on this list). Outstanding prospect for the #2 or #3 hole, should be on base close to 40% of the time and hit over .325 yearly. Will be interesting to see who got the better of the trade.

14. Steve Blank New Britain – 3B – DraftSea10Rd1 – Proj: 87 – ETA: Season 14 – Better suited for a corner outfield spot, this slugger should have a nice career in the middle of the Red Coats lineup for many seasons to come. Should have over 30 homers/year and knock in over 100 runs/year.

15. Omar Flores - Los Angeles – CF – IFASea10 – Proj: 86 – ETA: Season 14 – This defensive minded hothead should be patrolling the outfield for LA next season. Durable and reliable, he should have a long, productive career in the middle of the line-up.

16. J.C. Drew Memphis – 2B – DraftSea11Rd1 – Proj: 86 – ETA: Season 15 – This ideal #3 hitter will excel at the ML level. Excellent contact and abover average hitting ratings should keep him in the discussion for multiple All-Star appearances.

17. Yank Sodowsky Pawtuckett – SS – DraftSea12Rd1 – Proj: 86 – ETA: Season 15 – Better suited for 3B, this slugger would be an ideal #5 hitter. Poor splits and eye will kepp him from being elite.

18. Giovanni Jennings Arizona – 2B – DraftSea8Rd1 – Proj: 86 – ETA: Season 14 – Good speed and batting eye should compensate some for average hitting. A 3 year AAA veteran, he should break into the bigs next season.

19. John Baek Cincinnati – 2B – IFASea13 – Proj: 86 – ETA: Season 16 – Signed for 22.5 million, this Japanese transplant should be a star. Good range for a 2B, but may not have the glove to excel at that position. A multiple All-Star and might be an MVP candidate playing in the GABP.

20. Andy Carr Cincinnati – SS – DraftSea10Rd1 – Proj: 86 – ETA: Season 15 – Defensive whiz that will be above average against righties and excellent against lefties. Gold Glove and All Star potential.

21. Tom Perez El Paso – 1B – DraftSea13Rd1 – Proj: 85 – ETA: Season 18 – Has a long way to go to reach the ML level, but should have a nice career once he gets there. A devil on the basepaths, and enough power to be a mainstay in the middle of the order.

22. Mike Watson Houston – 2B – DraftSea12Rd1 – Proj: 84 – ETA: Season 16 – Tremendous defensive 2B that should make the middle of the Hangovers order at some point. Gold Glove potential.

23. Hub Davey Portland – 2B – DraftSea13rd1 – Proj: 84 – ETA: Season 17 – Solid in every facet of his game, although not spectacular in any. Should have a nice long career and might make an All Star game.

24. Ernie McKnight Albuquerque – 2B – DraftSea12Rd1 – Proj: 84 – ETA: Season 18 – Already in AA, this talented prospect should get more seasoning prior to joining the ML squad. Outstanding splits should lead to multiple All Star appearances.

25. Kory Catalanotto Vancouver – 1B – DraftSea12Rd1 – Proj: 83 – ETA: Season 15 – Prodigious talent only hampered by a rush through the minors. Has the ability to win multiple MVP’s. One of the top prospects in the game.

26. Vic Martin Pawtucket – RF – DraftSea8Rd1 – Proj: 83 – ETA: Season 14 – An on-base monster, he should fill nicely in the 2 or 3 hole for SHOTGUN beginning next season. May struggle vs. lefties, but should bat over .300 and be on base close to .400 every season. May be better suited for LF.

27. Peter O'Connor Arizona – LF – DraftSea12Rd1 – Proj: 83 – ETA: Season 17 – This butcher in the field will more than make up for it at the dish. Better suited for 1B or DH, he has the look of a young Eddie Reese and could have the production to match.

28. Archie Herzner Burlington – CF – DraftSea11Rd1 – Proj: 82 – ETA: Season 16 – Plenty of pop and an above average glove will keep him as a staple of the Coat Factory lineup for years to come. May struggle to hit above .275, but should regurarly reach 25+ homers per year.

29. Louie Connor Texas – SS – DraftSea13Rd1 – Proj: 82 – ETA: Season 16 – A butcher at SS, this lefty will ultimately line up at 3B for the Stampede. An above average hitter that will have an above average career.

30. Rondell May Pittsburgh – SS – DraftSea11Rd1* - Proj: 82 – ETA: Season 15 – Nice prospect that might need one extra year in the minors to refine his glove. Durable and reliable, but will never be outstanding offensively.

31. Carl Acker Charlotte – SS – DraftSea12Rd1 – Proj: 81 – ETA: Season 18 – A defensive and speed specialist, this prospect will fit in nicely as a table setter vs. lefties. Average hitting will keep him from being elite.

32. Adrian Gonzales Buffalo – 2B – DraftSea13Rd1 – Proj: 81 – ETA: Season 16 – Better suited for the corner outfield, this slugger has above average power and intangibles. A good clean-up prospect.

33. Harry Silva Scottsdale – RF- DraftSea12Rd1 – Proj: 81 – ETA: Season 17 – A career OPS over 1.000 in the minors will translate well to the ML level, assuming he is given time to reach his potential. 40/40 potential and a very good eye, should make multiple All-Star teams.

34. Aurelio Alvarez Honolulu – LF – IFASea10 – Proj:81 – ETA: Season 14 – The futures game MVP has done it all in the minors and should crack the big league line up as soon as next season. Excellent contact and power, average splits, and above average intangibles make him a lock for the middle of the order and a possibility for multiple All-Star appearances.

35. Geronimo Lunar Montreal – CF – DraftSea13Rd1 – Proj: 81 – ETA: Season 18 – Defensive minded outfielder that will swipe over 50 bases per season. Top of the order talent only limited by an average eye and difficulties facing lefties.

36. Vinny Suzuki Pittsburgh – LF – IFASea13 – Proj: 80 – ETA – Season 18 – Best suited for 1B, this Japanese slugger should make his mark as a clean-up man for the Partymen. May not hit for average and may strike out a fair amount, but his power will keep him in the middle of the order for many seasons.

37. Edwin Skipworth Seattle – CF – DraftSea11Rd2 – Proj: 80 – ETA: Season 15 – Average talent that will play everyday in the ML level, but will never excel. Excellent defense and production vs. righties may get him into the discussion for an All-Star spot.

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