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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Season 17 Preview

The blog predicts the top 12 teams for Season 17 -

12. Montgomery Burns

Any team with MVP Ken Daly must make this list. Would be higher on this list with a better pitching staff and more help at the AAA level. Prediction: NL Wild Card

11. Cleveland Wahoos

Very little change to the Season 16 Division Champ. Louis Spense and Rafael Soriano return to lead a potent offense, while Derrek Peters and Junior Ozuna anchor a solid pitching staff. Prediction:NL Wild Card

10. Jacksonville TIMUACANS

A risky pick, but some solid offseason moves will take this squad from worst to first in a very even AL South. Newly acquired Bill Reed and Ramon Chen add to an already solid pitching staff, while 2B Royce Aven leads an offense in need of another star. Prediction: AL South Champion

9. Chicago Panthers

Chicago was active in the off season and made some very good free agent moves. Benji Neill and Kelly Hinch anchor an offense that could use one more big bat. FA Cesar Almanzar will anchor a rotation that could surprise Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Prediction: NL North Champion

8. Buffalo Bisons

Outfielders Robert Stern and Pepper Griffin were acquired in a trade that adds some pop to a line-up led by Francis Herzog and Allen Nichols. Veteran pitchers Joe Raymond and Flip Bones were added to the pitching staff anchored by 4 time all star Cory Clark. Prediction: NL East Champion

7. Santa Cruz Border Patrol

A revolt from the pitching staff sent the Colrado team south to the friendlier confines of Vaniglia Stadium, where Phil Pride and Timothy Crawford will excel. This blog predicts a Cy Young for Phil Pride. Prediction: AL West Champion

6. Monreal Garde Imperiale

Montreal lost Acquino, Ortiz, and Glover, but will most miss the big bat of the recently traded Steven Starr. Iglesias, Forrester, Woods, Lynch, and Conigliaro make up the league's best rotation, while Melfi, Gagne, Gabriel, and Saez lead an outstanding bullpen. Dupler, Roosevelt, Clifton, and Bufurd headline one of the AL's most potent offense. Prediction: AL Wild Card

5. Cincinnati Redlegs

Cincy will pose a major threat to the reign of Montreal this season, and this blog predicts that this will be the season that they finally break through. A stong pitching staff could be bolstered by the mid-season promotions of AAA stars Brant Riggan and Bubbles Judd. Jonathon Gload should win his first of many MVP's while protected by off-season acquisition Jesus Pineda. Prediction: AL North Champion

4. Houston Hangovers

NL pennant winner Houston will be strong as usual, and returns its squad relatively in tact. It boasts one of the league's best pitching staffs anchored by soon to be 200 game winner Dave Darr, and one of the most balanced offenses lead by former MVP Esteban Owen. Prediction: NL South Champion /NL Pennant Runner-Up

3. Burlington Coat Factory

One of the most successful clubs in 1530 history, the Factory underwent some major changes in the offseason. They lost All-Star Bernie Pena, but didn't have a spot for him in the rotation anyway. Their offense should be much improved with the signing of 2B Juan Johnson from rival Durham, and the absolute theft of CF Angel Bonilla. Prediction: AL Wild-card / AL Pennant Runner-Up

2. San Juan Cangrejeros

have long lived in the shadow of the Durham/Burlington domination of the AL East was active on the trade market and added Cy Young winner J.R. Beckett, Bullpen Ace Adam tucker, and All-Star Sandy Ramsey. San Juan also promoted some high-quality AAA talent and might be the team to beat in a very tough AL East. Prediction: AL East Champion / AL Pennant Winner / World Series Runner-Up

1. Los Angeles Hollywoods

The Hollywoods have been built into a contender and this is the year that they should finally dethrone Houston. Victor Merrick and Leonardo Inge lead a strong pitching staff and Lee, Sabel, and Morales should be joined by SS's Rube Swann and Carson Hardy to make LA into one of the best fielding/hitting combnations in the league. Prediction: NL West Champion/NL Pennant Winner/World Series Champion

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