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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Top 14 ML Starters

ML SP's, projected ratings, as ranked by Maddies TmMgmt workbook. I've included AAA likely to be promoted this season:

1. Phil Pride Santa Cruz
2.Ivy Latham Scottsdale
3. Wascar Franco Norfolk
4. Timothy Crawford Santa Cruz
5. Bill Elster Pittsburgh
6. Juan Vincente San Juan
7. Sammy Iglesias Montreal
8. J.R. Beckett San Juan
9. Fritz Lynch Montreal
10. Henry Stearns Buffalo
11. Victor Merrick Los Angeles
12. Randy Broome Honolulu
13. Dave Darr Houston
14. Victor Sierra Burlington

Maddiesdad's workbook may be found by clicking the link below. It is a tremendous resource in evaluating talent.


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