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Friday, July 23, 2010

Trade Analysis - Durham / Columbus

Manuel Perez for Mateo Nieves

1. Production - In 3+ ML seasons in hittter friendly Durham, Nieves has a 26-25 record with a 4.79 era and a 1.35 whip. In 2+ minor league seaons, Perez has a 4.70 era and 1.67 whip. These numbers, however, are distorted by an unusually poor (can anyone say 0 (0)?) season. Advantage: Nieves

2. Ratings (projected) - Nieves is a solid #3-5 starter with solid stamina, pitches, and splits, but average control. Perez projects to a ML set-up specialist against lefties with excellent control, velocity, and 4-seam fastball. He may struggle vr. righties and his durability is questionable. Advantage: Even

3. Contract - Nieves is in his first year of arbitration, and he is all but guaranteed to stay with his current blub as long as they will have him. Perez is in AA and is controllable for quite some time. Durham did shed over $1,000,000 (immediately used to sign Mark Gang as a replacement) Advantage: Durham

4. Overall - Another solid deal. Columbus got a quality, young starter for a quality, younger reliever. If Perez progresses well, then Durham wins, if not, then Columbus gets the better of the deal.

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