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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trade Analysis - Kansas City/Atlanta

Dan Petkovsek / Jorge Hernandez / Damaso Lee for Jeffrey Lanier / Hoss Shirley / Jed Flaherty

1. Production - One one side, Petkovsek is a gold glove 3B with power, maxing out at 34 homers in his best season. Hernandez is an innings eater with a sub .500 winning percentage. Lee is close to ML ready, with a career 3.18 ERA in the minors and a premature 4.15 stint in the Majors. On the other side, Lanier has had an unremarkable career as a below average 3B in the field and at the plate. Shirley is a Rule 5 draftee with an impressive debut at SS. Fllaherty is a career minor leaguer with a 4.23 ERA. Advantage - Atlanta

2. Current - Petkovsec is an above average 3B, Hernandez is an average #4-5 SP, and Lee is good prospect currently at AAA. Lanier is a below average 3B with no true position, Shirley is out of place at SS and barely played for ATL, and Flaherty will not advance past AAA. Advantage - Atlanta

3. Projection - The only one that has much room to grow is Lee, who projects as a #3 starter or better at the ML level. Advantage - Atlanta

4. Contract - Keeping with their plan, Kansas City continues to shed payroll. A 4 year, 6 million per contract (Stephen Jackson) turned into a 2 year 1.8 million salary (Hernandez), which turned into no obligation for next season. Added to the 3 year, 4.8 million of Pekovsec, KC basically got rid of almost 40 million of future salaries in two deals. On the downside, they lost (and ATL gained) a former 1st round SP in Lee. Advantage - Kansas City

5. Overall - Atlanta gained for this season, no question, so the edge woul dgo to them in that context. However, the blog is impressed with the total makeover being performed by KC that is is difficult to call them anything but winners. Advantage - Both teams win on this one, ATL immediately and in the near future, KC long term.

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