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Friday, July 23, 2010

Trade Analysis - Kansas City / Tampa Bay

Joaquin Vazquez for Martin Gallagher

1. Production - In limited ML AB's, players are remarkably similair. OBP, Slugging, and OPS are all close, with Vazquez leading in each category. Advantage: Vazquez
2. Offense - Vazquez has + power and eye, but is below average otherwise. Gallagher is solid, but may struggle vs. righties. Advantage: Even
3. Defense - Vazquez plays a good 1B but is ill suited for any other position. Gallagher is more versatile as he can play 1B or corner OF, but he may not have the glove to play CF or 2B in the ML. Advantage: Gallagher
4. Contract - Vazquez will begin arbitration next season while Gallagher will begin the process two years later. Advantage: Gallagher
5. Ratings - Vazquez has maxed out, while Gallagher has some room to grow, but not much. Advantage: Even
6. Other - Vazquez is durable, healthy and has above average patience and temper. Gallagher has great speed (but poor baserunning) and below average patience and temper. Advantage: Vazquez

6. - Conclusion - Good, fair deal. Maybe a slight edge to Gallagher as he is younger and has more years before arbitration, but Vazquez can hit for power, which is difficult to find.

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