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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trade Analysis - Tampa Bay/Burlington

Mac Quinn for Al Nieto

1. Production - No comparison. Nieto has had a tremendous career, with 5 all star appearances, and will be one of the few players to have 300 homers, 300 stolen bases, 1000 runs, and 1000 rbi's. Quinn, in 87 minor league innings, has a career 3.00 ERA, with 6 wins and 13 saves. Advantage - Burlington

2. Current - No Comparison. Nieto is still one of the best batters in the game with an incredible eye and very good vs. RHP. Quinn is 2 years from being ML ready. He has very good control and pitches, but will struggle with subpar vs. RHB ratings. Advantage - Burlington

3. Projection - Nieto is on the decline, but should have at least 1 more productive season in the middle of someone's lineup before retiring. Quinn projects as a setup man that specializes in getting lefties out. He should have an average to above average career as a setup man. Advantage - Tampa Bay

4. Contract - Nieto is a free agent afte this season. Quinn is under contract for quite some time as he is in only his 2nd full aseason. Tampa Bay will pay not only pay the rest of Nieto's contract, but also inexplicably throw in an additional 800k. Advantage - Burlington

5. Overall - Nieto steps in to a good situation in Burlington. He will start at 1b or LF and hit in the middle of the line-up. Tampa Bay opens up a spot in the everyday lineup for either Adrian Gonzales or Tom Perez. They also get a future bullpen mainstay. The money is still a question mark, but it is acceptable in context. Slight edge to Burlington, but you can't fault Tampa for opening spots for the youngsters and getting something in return for it.

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