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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trade Analysis - Tampa Bay/Kansas City

Stephen Jackson for Jorge Hernandez

1. Production - Jackson is a 2 time gold glove winner with over 300 homers, 900 rbi's, and 800 runs, with a career ops at .836. Hernandez is also a 2 time gold glove winning innings eater with a below .500 career winning percentage and career 4.50 ERA. Advantage - Tampa Bay

2. Current - Jackson is an elite RF with a cannon for an arm. His poor eye is the only thing between him and stardom. Hernandez is a bottom of the rotation innings eater with average spits and above average control and velocity. Advantage - Tampa Bay

3. Projection - Both players have reached projections, but Jackson should begin his decline sooner. Advantage - Kansas City

4. Contract - Jackson is locked in for 4 more seasons at 6 million per season. His career will be over before his contract. Hernandez has only one more year for 1.8 million. Neither is expected to be resigned or produce Supplemental Picks - Advantage - Kansas City

5. Overall - A strange deal. Tampa Bay had just dealt aging vet Al Nieto only to add another aging vet in Jackson. Tampa Bay gets the better of the deal for this season and they must feel like they have a shot this year or next. Kansas City continues to rebuild, and this was a large step in the right direction. Advantage - Kansas City

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