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Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekly Power Rankings

1. Montreal Garde Imperiale (last week #5) (21-8) - 14-5 for the week, Top 15 in Pitching and Fielding, but #1 in Batting. Rebounded from a 25-5 drubbing at the hands of Scottsdale. +60 run differential

2. Cincinnati Redlegs (last week NR) (22-8) - Owners of the best record in the league, they boast the best Pitching squad in the league. 16-3 for the week including sweeps of Jacksonville and St. Louis. Top 15 in both Batting and Fielding. +46 run differential.

3. Montgomery Burns (last week #2) (19-10) - An average 10-9 week knocks the Burns from the NL top spot. Swept by Hartford and lost two of three to Buffalo. Third in Pitching, Top 10 in Batting, but below avarage in Fielding. + 49 run differential

4. Hartford Whalers (last week NR) (20-10) - 13-6 for the week, including a 9-0 stretch with sweeps over Montgomery and Cleveland. #2 in Pitching, and Top half in Batting and Fielding. +42 run differential

5. Houston Hangovers (last week NR) (18-11) - The perrenial power makes its debut after a 13-6 week. 4th in Fielding, 6th in Pitching, and Top 10 in Batting. +42 run differential

6. Santa Cruz Border Patrol (last week #1) (17-12) - A losing record for the week at 8-11. The Patrol is in the top 5 in the ML in pitching, #1 in fielding, but has fallen in Batting. Swept by San Juan ansd lost series to Oklahoma City and Scottsdale. +37 run differential

7. Scottsdale Sidewinders - (last week #8) (17-13) - The Sidewinders move up a spot after a 12-8 week that included winning 2 of 3 against #1 Montreal, and 2 of 3 against former #1 Santa Cruz. The #3 Batting team is also in the top third in Pitching and Fielding. +38 run differential

8. Los Angeles Hollywoods (last week #3) (18-11) - #8 Pitching staff is holding up average Batting and Fielding. Split 4 games with Houston, but must improve with 7 of next 8 series vs. teams with winning records. +23 run differential does not bode well for staying on the list

9. Burlington Coat Factory (last week #7) (19-10) - 11-8 on the week that included a sweep of San Antonio, and a sweep at the hands of New Orleans. In the Top Third in all categories. +29 run differential, and 6-1 in 1 run games

10. New Britain Red Coats (last week #4) (17-12) - Third team from the AL North on the list. An average week of 10-9, with a sweep of Durham. #2 Batting team with a sliding above average Pitching staff preeviously in the Top 5. +38 run differential

off the list
6. Cleveland Wahoos (17-12)
9. Pittsburgh Partymen (17-12)
10. Dover Red Stockings (15-14)

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