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Friday, August 20, 2010

How They Were Built - The Burlington Coat Factory

The next in a series of looks into the 25 man ML Roster of one of the teams in 1530. Here is how cincyreds90 built the Burlington Coat Factory

Draft - 3
Trade – 12
IFA - 1
Free Agent - 6
Rule V – 1
Waivers – 2

SP1-Victor Sierra – Season 6 trade with Houston Hangovers. Victor Sierra, Pedro Canseco, and Pedro Morales for Dave Darr and Rich Shields.
SP2-Omar Johnson – Season 3 Draft. Round 1 Pick 6
SP3-Ezdra Mateo – Season 14 trade with Pittsburgh Partymen. Ezdra Mateo for Steven Reid and Delino Oliva.
SP4-Julio Lopez – Season 13 IFA signing. $18 million
SP5-Kent Greenwood – Season 17 Free agent signing. 1yr $1.6 million
LRA-Stephen Schourek – Season 17 Free agent signing. 1yr $770k
LRA-Connie Stark – Season 10 trade with Pittsburgh Partymen. Connie Stark, Theodore Tobin, and Oscar Barrett for Al Ramirez, Guillermo Uribe, and Stephen Coleridge.
SuA-Vince Berg – Season 15 Rule 5 pick. Round 1 Pick 26
SuA-Albert Burnett – Season 5 trade with Santa Fe Smoke (Tampa Bay Sun Kings). Albert Burnett and Bo Turner for Randy Valentin.
SuA-Henry Green – Season 17 Free agent signing. 2yr $2.6 million
SuA-Benny Morandini – Season 15 trade with Atlanta Lone Wolves. Beny Morandini and Jimmie Aquino for Larry Hendricksen, Joel Castillo, and Gene Dillon.
SuB-Nicholas Matthews – Season 17 Free agent signing. 2yr $1.5 million
ClA-Andy Jefferson – Season 6 trade with Charlotte Racers (New Orleans Causeway Cajuns). Andy Jefferson for Edgardo Romo.

Position Players
C-Orlando Santiago – Season 11 Draft. Round 2 Pick 46
1B-Juan Johnson – Season 17 Free agent signing. 2yr $4.4 million
2B-Archie Herzner – Season 11 Draft. Round 1 Pick 30
3B-Jose Segui – Season 11 trade with Tucson Knee Bucklers (Salem Aggies). Jose Segui for Charley Coveleski, Willy Williams, and Angel Siquieros.
SS-Wendell Reed – Season 10 trade with Hartford Heartbreakers (San Juan Cangrejeros). Wendell Reed and Ramon Okajima for Gerald Gload, Heath Coppinger, and Carmine Bell.
LF-Al Nieto – Season 17 trade with Tampa Bay Sun Kings. Al Nieto for Mac Quinn.
CF-Angel Bonilla – Season 17 Free agent signing. 2yr $2.4 million
RF-Juan Alvarez – Season 17 trade with Scottsdale Sidewinders. Juan Alvarez for Wascar Otanez.
DH-Wilfredo Perez – Season 17 trade with Cincinnati Redlegs. Wilfredo Perez, R.J. Escobar, and Wascar Otanez for Bernie Pena.

Backup C-P.T. Cruz – Season 14 Waiver wire after released by Cleveland Wahoos
Backup IF-Torey Castro – Season 17 Waiver wire after released by Columbus Aviators
Backup OF-Rafael Oliva – Season 10 trade with Honolulu Tropics. Rafael Oliva for Clint Frascatore and Mark Strickland.

Best Move – Trading for Andy Jefferson (greatest closer ever) and Albert Burnett way back in Seasons 6 and 5. These 2 have been the backbone of my bullpen for an extremely long time. Burnett could’ve had a ton of success as a closer, and initially did, but had to settle in as my SuA so that Andy Jefferson could do his thing and close out games with a save percentage of over 90% for his career.

Worst Move – Many will look at my trading of Dave Darr as my worst move, but Sierra has been a solid SP and won the Cy Young last season, so it is hard to say that is my worst move. Instead, I will say that moving to the pitchers park, known as Mustain Stadium, in Season 11 was my worst move. I thought with the pitchers I have that the stadium would be perfect. However, the park has been a large reason for my position players to struggle greatly and with Wendell Reed, Jose Segui, Archie Herzner unable to get anything going at home it has resulted in my team be very streaky. While the pitching stats look great, the offensive struggles of some of my best players has me ready to load up the trucks and move back to Boston. The boys miss the chowder.

Philosophy – TRADE, TRADE, TRADE!!!! I have always been extremely active in the trade market and once a player is ready to earn the big bucks that I cant afford then it is time to trade them away for a nice package of players. This is also the 1st season that I decided to sign Type A free agents and lost my 1st round pick. In signing Henry Green, Nicholas Matthews, Juan Johnson, and Angel Bonilla I lost some picks in the draft this season, but I was able to get them signed for 2yrs at a lower price then I could ever imagine.

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