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Monday, August 23, 2010

How They Were Built - San Juan Cangrejeros

Hre's how kylepeak72 built the 61-44 San Juan squad

Draft - 7
Trade - 9
IFA - 2
FA - 6
Rule 5 - 1

SP1 - JR Beckett – Season 17 trade for Yusmerio Durazo
SP2 - Juan Vicente – Season 15 trade for Derek Burgess
SP3 - Sandy Ramsey – Season 17 trade for Matt Klassen
SP4 - Victor Olmeda – Season 12 draft, Round 2, Pick #43 overall
SP5 - Trenidad Henriquez – Season 11 draft, Round 2, Pick #47 overall
Mop - Ron Barker – Season 13 FA signing
LRA - Fonzie Gagnon – Season 13 trade, with Pedro Romero for Hal Trout
LRA - Tyrone Moyer – Season 14 Rule V Draft, #2 overall
SuA - Harry Rijo – Season 14 IFA, $9.3M
SuA - Adam Tucker – Season 17 trade, with Alexei Lopez and Andres Lee for Diego Mercado and Alan Duckworth
SuB - Tom Kielty – Season 17 FA signing
ClA - Kevin Yamaguchi – Season 13 IFA, $8.9M

C - Angel Marquez – Season 17 trade for James Koch, Steve Stone, and Jay Ellis
1B - Corey Whitaker – Season 13 trade for Pedro Romero
2B - Stuart Koskie – Season 17 FA signing
3B - Albert Young – Season 10 draft, Round 1, Pick #8 overall
SS - Keith Lanning – Season 17 trade for Paulie Fox, Darren Parkinson, and Alexei Lopez
LF - Cristobal Mantalban – Season 14 draft, Round 1, Pick #2 overall
RF - Ryan Blake – Season 12 draft, Round 1, Pick #3 overall
CF - Olmedo Tavarez – Season 10 draft, Round 2, Pick #51 overall
DH - JP Maxwell – Season 9 draft, Round 2, Pick #59 overall

Bench - Ira Gload – Season 17 FA signing
Bench – Julio Bautista – Season 17 FA signing
Bench - Junior Ordonez – Season 10 trade for Tommy Tatum
Bench - Guillermo Ramirez – Season 16 FA signing

Best Move – Tough to say. I feel I’ve had a bunch of good solid moves that have dramatically improved my team. I loved the Beckett and Marquez trades, as it gave me one of the top 2 players at those respective positions. Love the Mantalban draft pick, because young, power hitters are great to find, and he’s gonna be a stud, although it was the #2 pick, so not much thought involved. I guess my biggest coup would have to be signing Rijo and Yamaguchi as IFA. I got them both late in the signing period and they turned out to be bargains because everybody else had spent the prospect budget.

Worst Move – By far, signing Ron Barker to a 5-year/$21M contract in season 13. It was my first offseason and my advanced scouting budget wasn’t up to snuff. He appeared to have a lot of potential left, but he flat-lined to his current levels. It has made me gun-shy about signing FA ever since.

Philosophy - Build through the draft, trades, and IFA. Look for contact and Vs. LHP and Vs. RHP in position players, and control and GB/FB ratio in pitchers. When I took over this team, it was one of the worst, if not THE worst in the game. One of my minor league teams had only 1 pitcher. Six seasons later, I’m in the running for a playoff spot, and hoping for a deep playoff run and possible WS championship. Hasn’t had the need to re-stock. Building the team up from the scrap heap to climbing the mountain has been very fun.

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