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Monday, August 2, 2010

Trade Analysis - Burlington/Pittsburgh

Bingo O'Donnell for William Gray, Tomo Yosida, and Ozzie Mori

1. Production - O'Donnell is a 20/20 guy having a good sesaon so far. He struggles to hit for average but is an above average LF. Mori is a butcher in RF, but decent at the plate. Gray has a 3.80 ERA in three minor league seasons, and Yosida is 24-12 in three minor league seasons with a 3.37 ERA. Advantage - Pittsburgh

2. Current - O'Donnell is an average fielding LF, with outstanding makeup, health, durability, and eye. He will struggle at times making contact vs. RHP, but has solid ratings regarless. Mori is ill-suited to play RF, but has good makeup, speed, vs. RHP, and contact. Gray has poor control and struggles against righties. Yosida has excellent durability and makeup for an SP, and is an above average minor leaguer Advantage - Pittsburgh

3. Projected - O'Donnell should improve a little, but he is only one year from 27 and will not progress that much. Mori is 27 and has reached his potential. Gray projects to an innings eater at the bottom of the rotaion. Yosida, the key to the deal, projects as an above average #2 or #3 SP with a chance at an All-Star appearance or two. Advantage - Burlington

4. Contract - O'Donnell is entering his second year of arbitration and can be controlled for one more year before becoming a free agent. It is likely that he will be re-signed, but he definately would not stay for a second long term deal. Mori will begin arbitration next season and is likely to be released if he asks for too much, Gray and Yosida are still in the minors and are controllable for quite a while. Advantage - Even

5. Overall - The acquisition of Al Nieto signalled the end for O'Donnell in Burlington. While talented, it is likely that Burlington dumped him as they did not want to pay him in arbitration and he likely will ask for more than his production warrants. The key to the deal is Yosida, if he continues to progress, then Burlington wins, if not, then Pittsburgh comes out on top. Today, though, Advantage: Pittsburgh

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