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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trade Recap - Atlanta/Jacksonville

Atlanta gets Danys Park, Ronnie Wallace, and Marv Lincoln, Jacksonville gets Danys Rivas, Edwin Skipworth, and $2.5 million

1. Production - Park, in 5 minor league seasons, has won two gold gloves and appeared in one all star game. He is a career .283 batter with an OPS of .819. Wallace, also in five minor league seasons, is a career .303 hitter with an OPS of .812, and has a fielding % of .929 at SS. Lincoln , a former Rule V draftee, has appeared in 207 ML games, with an average of .219 and a fielding % of .941 at SS. Rivas, in seven ML seasons, has a career average of .253, and a career fielding % of .981. He has also won three Gold Gloves at SS and appeared in four all star games. Skipworth has appeared in 371 career ML games and is a .275 batter over that stretch with an OPS of .762. He has a .978 fielding % in center field. Advantage - Jacksonville

2. Current/Projected Ratings - Park projects as a defensive specialist in CF, with excellent range and very good glove. At the plate, he projects as a bottom of the order bat, with good power and above average eye. He should have a long ML career and might win a GG or two. Wallace is an odd player in that he has all the tools to be a good SS, but is limited by his accuracy. He will most likely end up a plus defensive ML 3B with a AAA bat. Lincoln is also a defensive oddity. He has first class range, arm, and accuracy, but is limited by his poor (for a SS) glove. He will make amazing plays, but they will be offset by routine balls made into errors. He has a AAA bat. Rivas has maxed out his ratings. He is an elite defensive SS, with speed and smarts on the basepaths. His great eye makes up for his awful contact, power, and vs RHP. Skipworth projects to a plus defensive CF with very good contact and vs. RHP. He should be a bottom of the order everyday player, or a top of the order platoon vs. RHP. Advantage - Jacksonville

3. Contract - Park and Wallace are in the minors and controllable for quite some time. Lincoln has two options and will not hit arbitration for a couple more seasons. Rivas is in the first year of a 5 year, $6 million per year deal. He is a nice player, but that contract is a little rich and might prove to be too burdensome down the line. Skipworth is in his second ML season and will hit arbitration next season. Advantage - Atlanta

4. Overall - The blog likes what Atlanta did in unloading a 5 year contract for a defensive specialist. It also likes Park better than Skipworth in CF. On the other hand, Jacksonville did not give up much besides Park as Wallace and Lincoln are a dime a dozen. Advantage? See poll question to the right.

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