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Monday, August 23, 2010

Trade Recap - Burlington / Columbus

Rafael Oliva for Ross Chapman

1. Production - In 6 ML seasons, Oliva has batted .266, slugged .408, and had an OBP of .337. In his best season, he batted .298, hit 24 homers, and batted in 95. He is a corner outfielder with a career .985 fielding percentage in LF and RF combined. Chapman has been in the majors for 9 seasons and is a career .284 batter, .392 slugger, and has an OBP of .356. In his best season, he batted .313 with 88 runs scored. He has poor range and is not a prototypical CF as has made 11 plus plays to 58 negative plays at that position. Advantage - Even

2. Ratings - Both have maxed out. Oliva has OK range and glove but is ill suited for RF. At the plate, he is a #6-8 type hitter. He has slightly above average contact, power, and vs. LHP ratings and good vs. RHP and eye ratings. He has good speed and is OK on the basepaths. Chapman is a marginal top of the order hitter but is better suited for the bottom of the order. Chapman has very good contact, vs RHP, and eye ratings, all categories the blog values. Advantage - Burlington

3. Contract - Chapman is in the second year of a 2 year, 2.4 million per year deal. He will likely be at least a Type B should Burlington stick to its practice of not spending money on non-elite players. Oliva is in his first year of arbitration and will be contollable for a while. He will most likely not be worth his asking price next season. Advantage - Burlington

4. Overall - The blog likes the move that Burlington has made. They got a nice fill-in for the aging Angel Bonilla and might get compensation next year in the draft. Columbus got younger, but will have to spend on Oliva in the next couple of years. Will he be worth the money? Advantage - Burlington

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