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Monday, August 23, 2010

Trade recap - Dover / St. Louis

George Nixon for Thomas Serrano

1. Production - In parts of 2 ML seasons, Nixon has batted .298, with 6 homers and 35 rbi's in what amounts to one full ML season. In the field, he has a Career .909 fielding percentage in his primary position of RF. Serrano has batted .281 over 8 ML seasons, with his best year producing 18 homers and 78 rbi's. Advantage - Dover

2. Ratings - Both have maxed out. Nixon is a RF with very poor contact and powers numbers offset somewhat by above average splits and eye. He is a AAA talent, at best. Serrano is a LF with abover average contact,power, and vs. RHP. He has average vs. LHP and eye. Nixon is a better fielder, but Serrano is a much better hitter. Advantage - Dover

3. Contract - Nixon is signed at the minimum for a player in his second ML season. I tis a long shot that he would be kept through arbitration. Serrano is in the last year of a 2 yr, 3.5 million per contract and will most likely not be kept after the season. Advantage - St. Louis

4. Overall - This is an obvious cash move for St. Louis. They did not give up much to releive themselves of a fairly large contract. Dover had cap room to spare and gave up next to nothing to get a productive player. Advantage - Good deal for both

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