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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trade Recap - Dover/St. Louis Part Deux

Damaso Aguilera for Craig Norton

1. Production - Aguilera is a career .288 batter that slugs .571, with an OBP % of .344. His best season produced 21 homers and 93 rbi's in Season 13, a season in which he also won a Gold Glove and appeared in his only all-star game. Norton has appeared in 19 ML games over three seasons. He is a career .309 batter in the minors, but has struggled at the ML level. Advantage - Dover

2. Ratings - Aguilera has maxed out and posesses a very good eye and vs. RHP, an outstanding vs LHP, and average contact and power. He is a best suited for LF, but can play a decent RF. Norton is still developing and should max out in LF with average ratings at the dish. He is an OK fielder if LF, but is limited. He is a AAAA player. Advantage - Dover

3. Contract - Norton is controllable for some time and will hit arbitration in Season 20. Aguilera is in the second season of a two year, 6 million per year deal. He could bring a Type B if he goes unsigned, which he will if he wants 6 million. Advantage - Dover

4. Overall - An all around good deal for Dover. They get a nice player a little cost and might get lucky with a Type B next season. Also not bad for St. Louis, more salary shed to accomplish their goal of shedding salaries. Advantage - Dover

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