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Monday, August 9, 2010

Trade Recap - Durham/ Burlington

Yusmerio Durazo for Aaron Simon and Tomo Yosida

1. Production- Durazo, the first pick of the Season 15 draft, has a career minor league average of .320 and an OPS of .974. Simon is 19-16 with an era of 3.21 since being drafted 20th in Season 14. Yosida, the 16th pick in the Season 15 draft, is 24-14 with a 3.43 ERA. This trade is all about future production, so this category doesn't really matter. Advantage- even

2. Projection- since this deal only involves prospects, the "current" category doesn't apply. Durazo projects to a Middle of the order OBP guy with an incredible eye and vs RHP. He has amazing intangibles and is a complete player. Simon projects to a top of the rotation SP with above average splits and excellent Control, velocity, And a good mix of pitches. Yosida projects as a middle of the rotation workhorse with excellent vs LHB and decent vs RHP. Advantage- Even

3. Contract- all are minor leaguers, but Durazo will be the most likely to remain with one team should the team choose to keep him long term. Still, hard to find one team with an advantage

4. Overall- Durham is rebuilding and needed starting pitching, something that Burlington had iin spades. Burlington sought an elite position player, something that Durham had. This is the first trade ever between these rivals, so neither would accept a deal that it didn't feel good about. Tough call on this one, so I'll take the easy road- advantage even

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