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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trade Recap - Durham/Columbus

B.C. Vincente and 2 million for Steven Stark

1. Production - Vincente, in his 5th season, is 74-34 with a 4.34 ERA. Heis a three time all-star, with his best season a 19-4 campaign. Stark had batted .328 in 3 minor league seasons, with a career OPS of .925. Advantage - Columbus

2. Current/Projected - Vincente is a middle of the rotation SP with excelent contro, stamina, and velocity. He will struggle at times vs. righties, but is a very good SP. He has reached his projections. Stark probects as an average fielding 2B, with an excellent eye and averagecontact, power, and splits. He should be a decent 2B in the majors, batting towards the bottom of the order. Advantage - Columbus

3. Contract - Vincente is making 3.9 million is his second arbitration year. Columbus will have to sign him long-term to avoid him leaving after his third year of arbtration. Stark is in the minors and is controllable for quite some time. Advantage - Columbus

4. Overall - This is clearly a rebuilding move for Durham. They might have been able to get more, but it clears a bunch of salary off of the books and adds another ML prospect to the minor league system. Columbus picks up a young SP to pitch towards the front of the rotation and immediately improves as a result. Advantage - Columbus

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