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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trade Recap - Durham/Montgomery

Rob Tartabull and 1.9 million for Doyle Adams

1. Production - Tartabull has a 73-34 record in 6 ML seasons. In Season 15, we went 20-4 with a ERA of 3.72, and surprisingly missed out on a all-star appearance. He has won a Cy Young in AA and AAA. Adams is 14-10 in 3 minor league seasons, with an ERA of 3.13 and a WHIP of 1.43. Advantage - Montgomery

2. Current - Tartabull has maxed out with good durability and health, above average pitches, stamina, and vs. RHB, and excellent control. He will struggle at times with lefties and is a flyball pitcher. Adams currently has better stamina and health than Tartabull, but is inferior in almost every other meaningful category. Advantage - Montgomery

3. Projected - Tartabull has maxed out. Adams projects to a bottom of the rotatuion starter that will struggle att imes with his control. He has excellent intangibles and will hjave little trouble reaching his full potential. Advantage - Even

4. Contract - Tartabull is in his second season of arbitration and is making $3.2 million. Durham is paying his salary this season. Montgomery will have a decision to make next season when it will have to offer a long term contract or go to arbitration and lose him to Free Agency. Adams is controllable for quite some time. Avantage: Even

5. Overall - Durham is dumping payroll and in a rebuiding mode, and this trade suits their needs. Montgomery is in the playoff hunt and Tartabull will be a reliable #3-#5 starter. Advantage: Montgomery

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