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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trade recap - Hartford/St. Louis

Marc Fielder and cash for Jesus Lee

1. Production - Fielder is 111-72 in eleven ML seasons. He has a career ERA of 4.23 and a World Series win with Boston (Burlington). Lee has 168 career ML bats and a lifetime .268 average. Advantage - Hartford

2. Current Ratings - Both players have maxed out. Fielder is middle of the rotation SP, with poor durabilty and stamina offsetting good control, splits, velocity, and pitches. Lee is a + defensive 3B with good intangibles but below average splits and eye. He is at best a AAAA player. Advantage - Hartford

3. Contract - Fielder is in teh second to last year of a 3 year, $5.8 million per year deal. He should be productive through the contract and has an outside chance of producing a Type B compensatory pick if he leaves. Lee is in his first ML year and is controllable for quite some time. Advantage - Even

4. Overall - Hartfors is preparing for a run to the playoffs and this was a very nice move. They didn't give up too much and the contract nad remaining years are palatable. Lee should fill a bench role, and St. Louis is no doubt rebuilding and creating cap room. Advantage - Hartford

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