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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trade Recap- Montreal/ Oklahoma City

Ahmad Bell and 4 million for Keith Roosevelt, Harold Spradlin, and Latroy Black

1. Production- Bell has over 200 homers, 100 stolen bases, and over 600 rbi's and runs in seven ML seasons. His power numbers have been hurt by the most difficult ballpark in the league to hit homers in. He is a two time all star, two time silver slugger, and one time gold glove winner. Roosevelt's best of his 4 ML seasons comprised of 20 homers, 30 sb's, 90 runs, and 100 rbi's. He has won a gold glove in his only all star season. Spradlin won an MVP in his rookie season and continues to bash in the minors. Black is a career bullpen guy with 32 wins and 28 saves and an ERA over 5.00. Advantage- Montreal

2. Current/Projection- Bell has maxed out and is one of the highest rated players in the game. He has prodigious power and an excellent eye. He is an excellent defensive player limited at SS by below average range. He has excellent intangibles. Roosevelt has very good contact and power, but only average splits to go with a suspect eye. He is a plus defender that is best suited for 2B or RF, and has excellent speed. He has most likely maxed out his ratings. Spradlin and Black are throw-ins, with Black maxed out as a setup guy. Advantage- Montreal

3. Contract- Bell is in his second to last season of a 4 yr, 9.8 per year deal. He will most likely walk after next season. Black is in his second year of a 3 year, 1.8 million per year deal. Roosevelt is in his first year of arbitration and will be controllable for quite some time. Spradlin is still in the minors. Advantage - Oklahoma City

4. Overall - The rich get richer. Anyone wondering why Montreal continues to be the best in the game needs to look no further. Montreal got one of the best position players in the game that was stuck in a pitchers park. Now in a neutral stadium, Bell should flourish and I would not be surprised if he gets MVP consideration. The only drawback for Montreal is that Bell will most likely walk after next season, but he might have two world series rings by then. Not a bad deal for Oklahoma City at all, Roosevelt will be a nice player for a long time, but I would rather have two seasons of Bell than five of Roosevelt. Advantage- Montreal

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