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Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekly Power Rankings

1. Hartford Whalers (last week 4) (35-14) - 15-4 for the week, including a 6-0 double sweep of Pittsburgh, and 3 our of 4 vs perrenial power Houston. 5th in Batting and 1st in Pitching, but somehow in the bottom half in Fielding. +102 run differential

2. Montreal Garde Imperiale (last week #1) (35-14) - 14-5 for the week, including a 9-2 stretch versus Burlington, Santa Cruz, and Durham. 1st in Batting, 9th in Pitching, and only above average in Fielding. +80 run differential

3. Cincinnati Redlegs (last week #2) (34-15) - 12-7 for the week, winning every series except a sweep at Atlanta. 7th in Batting, 3rd in Pitching, and 12th in Fielding. +78 run differential

4. Houston Hangovers (last week #5) (31-18) - 13-7 for the week, including 11-3 in the last 14 games. The only team in the Top 5 in all three categories. +84 run differential

5. Buffalo Bisons (last week NR) (29-20) - 13-6 for the week, including sweeps of Florida and Kansas City. 2nd in Pitching and 8th in Batting, but must improve awful Fielding in order to stay on the list. +82 run differential

6. Montgomery Burns (last week #3) (29-20) - 10-10 on the week drops the Burns 3 spots. Swept by LA and 2-5 in a 7 game series vs. Kansas City. Top 5 in Batting and Pitching, but Fielding still an issue. +74 run differential

7. San Juan Cangrejeros (last week NR) (31-18) - 15-5 on the week, best out of those on the list. Would be much higher if not for recent 3 run sweep at the hands of Santa Cruz. Pitching staff is carrying average Batting and Fielding. +35 run differential

8. Burlington Coat Factory (last week #9) (28-21) - A 9-10 week drops the Factory in the rankings. Lost 6 in a row at one point, including 4 to Montreal. Above average in all categories. +47 run differential

9. Los Angeles Hollywoods (last week #8) (29-20) - 11-9 for the week, including a sweep of Montgomery. Top 6 Pitching staff is carrying average Batting and Fielding. +28 run differential keeping them from being higher on the list

10. Santa Cruz Border Patrol (last week #6) (28-21) - 11-9 for the former #1 team this week, with sweeps of San Antonio and San Juan. The league's top Fielding team is also above average in Batting and Pitching. +42 run differential

off of the list - Scottsdale (prev. 8), New Britain (prev. 10)

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