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Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekly Rankings

1. Montreal Garde Imperiale (last week #2) (49-19) 14-5 for the week, including sweeps of Jacksonville, Salem, and previous #1 Hartford. They are the highest scoring team in the league and have a top 10 pitching staff and an above average fielding unit. + 135 run differential

2. Cincinnati Redlegs (last week #3) (46-22) Another 12-7 for the week, could have been #1 if not for a sweep at the hands of a scrappy Dover squad. The second ranked pitching staff is carrying an above average fielding and top 10 batting. +87 run differential

3. Hartford Whalers (last week #1) (45-23) - 10-9 for the week, including a 1-5 stretch against Cincinnati and Montreal. 5th in pitching and batting and above average in fielding. + 114 run differential

4. Burlington Coat Factory ( last week #8) (44-24) - A league best 15-4 record for the week, including sweeps of Salem, Jacksonville, and Kansas City. The biggest mover in the rankings has the 4th best batting, top 10 pitching, an average fielding. +110 run differential

5. San Juan Cangrejeros (last week #7) (44-24) - 13-6 for the week including 5-1 against Pittsburgh and Chicago. Top 10 in pitching and batting, average in fielding. +92 run differential

6. Santa Cruz Border Control (last week #10) (44-24) - A league best 16-3 for the week with a double sweep of New Orleans and a sweep of Houston. Being carried by top 5 pitching and fielding, with only average batting. + 77 run differential

7. Houston Hangovers (last week #4) (41-27) - An average 10-9 for the week, including losses in 5 of the 6. Top 5 in each last week but now only top 10 in batting and pitching, and average in fielding. + 94 run differential

8. Buffalo Bisons (last week #8) (41-27) - 12-7 including sweeps of Florida, San Diego, and Kansas City. The league's best pitching staff is carrying a top 10 batting and below average fielding squad. + 115 run differential should have this team climbing the rankings next week

9. Montgomery Burns (last week #6) (40-28) - An 11-8 week sees the Burns fall again in the rankings. Lost three straight series before sweeping Salem.Top 3 pitching staff with top 10 batting and fielding. +97 run differential

10. Dover Red Stockings (last week unranked) (39-29)- 11-8 week earns the top ten list for Dover. A sweep of Cincinnati indicates this team is for real. Above average pitching and batting carrying an awful fielding team. +3 run differential not good for staying on the list

off of the list - Scottsdale (prev. 8), New Britain (prev. 10)

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