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Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekly Rankings

1. Cincinnati Redlegs (last week #2) (62-26) A 16-4 week moves the Redlegs into first place in the rankings. A 10-3 romp through the AL East should leave little doubt about the best division in baseball. They currently boast the second ranked pitching staff and are in the Top 10 in Batting and Fielding. +126 run differential

2. Montreal Garde Imperiale (last week #1) (60-28) An average 11-9 week knocks the Garde from the top spot. They lost series to Scottsdale and Bulington. They are the highest scoring team in the league, have a top 10 pitching staff, but are a below average fielding unit. + 145 run differential

3. Houston Hangovers (last week #7) (58-30) - A league best 17-3 for the week catapults the Hangovers into the top spot for NL teams. Salem, Arizona. Kansas City, and San Diego were all vistims of sweeps. They also took 2 of 3 from previous top NL team Hartford. 2nd in Batting and 3rd in Pitching with a Top 10 Fielding unit. + 177 run differential

4. Hartford Whalers (last week #3) (55-33) - 10-10 for the week and 20-19 for 2 weeks. Lost series to Columbus, Houston, and Los Angeles. Top 10 in pitching and batting and average in fielding. + 110 run differential

5. Burlington Coat Factory ( last week #4) (54-34) - 10-10 for the week including series losses to Salem, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. Top 5 in Pitching, Top 10 in Batting and Fielding. +107 run differential

6. Montgomery Burns (last week #9) (51-38) - An 11-10 week sees the Burnsclimb the rankings due to others poor performance. Top 10 in all three categories. +95 run differential

7. Buffalo Bisons (last week #8) (50-39) - 9-12 for the week, including a stretch of 5 straight losses. The league's best pitching staff is carrying a below average batting and fielding squad.
+102 run differential

8. San Juan Cangrejeros (last week #5) (52-36) - A losing record of 8-12 for the week including only 5 wins in their last 17 games. They have lost their last five series. Top 5 in pitching, Top 10 in batting, and above average in fielding. +103 run differential

9. Santa Cruz Border Control (last week #6) (53-35) - 9-11 for the week including a sweep at Durham. Being carried by top 5 pitching and fielding, with slightly below average batting. + 66 run differential

10. Scottsdale Sidewinders (last week NR) (49-40) - 14-6 for the week including series wins against #2 Montreal and #8 San Juan. Above average in pitching, Top 5 in Batting, and Top 10 in Fielding. +66 run differential

Off of the list - 10. Dover Red Stockings

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