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Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekly Rankings

1. Houston Hangovers (last week #1) (85-40) - 12-8 for the week, with series wins versus Hartford and Dover. They continue to own the own the best exp % at .701, and the best run differential. They also boast the #2 pitching and batting staffs, with a Top 11 fielding unit. +274 run differential

2. Montreal Garde Imperiale (last week #2) (86-39) An 11-9 week prevents the Garde from taking over the top spot. Lost series to Salem and St. Louis, but rebounded with a sweep of Durham. #1 Batting unit carrying #12 pitching staff and sub-par fielding squad. run differential of +192 (only +2 for the week)

3. Hartford Whalers (last week #5) (77-48) - A good 12-8 week keeps the Whalers in the Top 5 with an eye on the top two. Rebounded nicely from a 3 game sweep at the hands of Cleveland, with sereis wins vs. Arizona and San Diego and a sweep of red-hot LA. Top 10 in runs allowed, above average in fielding, and #3 in runs scored. + 175 run differential

4. Burlington Coat Factory ( last week #4) (76-49) - An 11-9 week allows for the Factory to continue its Top 5 standing. Split series with Cincinnati and Scottsdale, and lost one to Santa Cruz. Won series vs. Durham and Atlanta, and split with current rival San Juan. #4 Pitching staff, with a much improved #6 Batting outfit, although Fielding lags a little. Run Differential of +171

5. Cincinnati Redlegs (last week #3) (81-44) The tumbling Redlegs were 8-11 for the week, including a 2-8 trip through the AL East. They seem to have regained their footing with a sweep of Santa Cruz. They boast the #6 pitching staff, #5 fielding outfit, and a declining #12 runs scoring operation. Run differential of +130 (-15 for the week)

6. Buffalo Bisons (last week #7) (74-51) - A league best 14-6 for the week, with 4 straight series wins, including vs. Montgomery and Cleveland. Looking the most likely to crash the Top 5, The league's best pitching staff is still carrying a average batting and suspect fielding squad. +148 run differential

7. Los Angeles Hollywoods (last week NR) (72-53) - A 13-7 week ends an amazing run for LA. They swept Florida, Montgomery, and Kansas City and also won a series vs. Cleveland. They are #3 in pitching, above average in batting, and Top 10 in fielding. Recently swept by Hartford. +122 run differential

9. San Juan Cangrejeros (last week #8) (73-52) - A 12-8 week keeps the Cangrejeros in the Top 10. They have rebounded from a sweep at the hands of New Orleans by sweeping San Antonio and Cincinnati. Top 10 in Batting, Pitching, and Fielding. Run differential of +147 (+48 for the week)

9. Honolulu Tropics (last week #8) (68-57) - A 12-8 week keeps the blog favorite hanging on for dear life. Swept at the hands of Dover and Pittsburgh, only to rebound with sweeps of Tampa and Chicago. A Top 10 Pitching unit is bested by Top 5 Fielding and Batting squads. Exp win % is 4th best in the NL, while NL run differential is only topped by Houston and Hartford. +153 run differential

10. Montgomery Burns (70-55) (last week NR) - A 10-9 week is good enough for the Burns to re-enter the Top 10. Swept Cleveland and San Diego, but were swept by a very good Pittsburgh team. Abover average batting and fielding beign carried by Top 5 Pitching. +109 run differential

Off of the list - #6 Santa Cruz, #10 Cleveland

Also getting votes - Santa Cruz, Cleveland, Chicago, Pittsburgh

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