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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Year 7 Draft ( Where are they now)

After this years draft, ( very poor I know) I thought it would be fun to go back 10 years and look and evalutate the YEAR 7 draft, a little segment I like to call "Where is we at now!"

Pick    Team     Name                     Pos          Where is we        Notes

1        CH1      Alex Waters             P                N/A              Alex was killed playing in Mexico, Gambling
2        CLE      David Love              P                 JAX              94-72  4.44 ERA
3        CSP      Clifton Clifton          C                Mon               3 Time MVP, 366 HR, .308 Avg 6 time AS
4        MEM    Preston Forrester     P                Mon               3 time AS, 99-48  3.78 ERA  7 yr ML
5.       PHI       Damaso Aguilera     RF              STL               1 AS, 1 GG, 71 HR  .287 BA 5yrs ML
6.       CHR     Garry Francis          SS               SA                 1 AS, 2 Sil Slug, 202HR, 606 RBI, 6yrs ML
7.      CH2      Steven Jackson        RF              TB                  2 GG, 314 HR, 982 RBI 9yrs ML
8.      NY2      Juan Alverez            LF              SCO              1 AS, 1 Sil Slug, 153 HR, 487 RBI, 5 yr ML
9.      BAL      Billy Ray Simpkins   2B              ATL               158 HR, 567 RBI, 7 Yrs ML
10.    HON    Orland Maduro        SS              HON              2AS, 2Sil Slug, 1GG, 161 HR, 608 RBIs

These are the top ten. Looks like the 3rd pick in the draft is the only HOF I can see here.  Jackson has an outside chance. 

Stats on that draft for first 4 rounds:

*7 Picks in first four Rounds did not get signed
CH1 has the most picks still playing either AAA or ML with 7
35-48 first round picks including supplemental are still playing ball
1st Rounders:  30ML, 5 AAA Remain playing today
2nd Rounder:   6 ML, 7 AAA, 2 AA Remain playing today
3rd Rounder:   7 ML, 5 AAA, 1 AA Remain playing today
4th Rounder:   1 ML, 3 AAA, 1 AA  Remain playing today
4 Players drafted in first round have never made it to the major leagues, that signed to play
Avg Bonus for first rounders that year was 2.737 Million
Lowest pick to make it to ML was pick 323 10th round pick, Harry Robinson, played 1 yr playing in Majors, threw in 50 games for Pitt 2-4 3 svs, 4.75 ERA that year.
Latest pick to still be playing in baseball: Pick 780 Eddie Lambert, San Juan has him in AA.

Next week we will look into the best Mr Irrelevants for the last ten years, if we can find one.


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