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Thursday, September 16, 2010

End of Regular Season Power Rankings

1. Houston Hangovers (last week #1) (111-51) - 10-4 for the the final stretch, the Hangovers finish the season as #1. They have the most wins, best exp. win %, and best run differentisl. They finsihed with the #1 batting staff, #3 pitching staff, and #7 fielding unit. +368 run differential

2. Cincinnati Redlegs (last week #3) (107-55) A 9-5 fisinsh gets the Redlegs the AL north crown and the highest ranking for an AL team. They finsihed with the best exp % on the AL side. Top 7 in all three categories. Run differential of +201

3. Montreal Garde Imperiale (last week #2) (106-56) An 8-6 week was two short of coming away with the AL East crown. Still owns the best run differential in the AL. #2 Batting unit carrying #12 pitching staff and sub-par fielding squad. run differential of +210

4. Burlington Coat Factory ( last week #6) (95-67) - An 8-6 week finds the Factory as the AL Wild Card. An extremely difficult call between them and Hartford, but Burlington has a better exp. win % and owns better pitching and fielding units. Finished #2 Pitching Staff, #3 Fielding unit, and #12 batting operation. +182 run differential

5. Hartford Whalers (last week #4) (89-59) - A 6-8 week drops the Whalers one spot in the final rankings. Finished with a better run defferential than Burlington. #5 in Batting, #9 in Pitching,and #8 in Fielding + 185 run differential

6. Honolulu Tropics (last week #7) (90-72) - An 8-6 week finds the Tropics a hard luck one game out of the playoffs. They own the best exp. win % and run differential of everyone that follows. #11 pitching staff propped up by #4 batting and #2 fielding untits. A shock that they did not make the playoffs. +198 run differential best of those not named Houston, Cincinnati, or Montreal

7. San Juan Cangrejeros (last week #10) (84-64) - An 11-3 week clinched the AL East and the #7 spot for the Cangrejeros. 4th in Fielding, 8th in Batting, and 10th in Pitching. Run differential of +165

8. Los Angeles Hollywoods (last week #7) (86-62) - An 8-6 week drops LA one spot, but finds them as the winner of the NL West. They are #4 in pitching and above average in batting and fielding. +162 run differential

9. Buffalo Bisons (last week #9) (83-65) - One more team with an 8-6 record for the final week. The league's best pitching staff carried below average batting and suspect fielding. +160 run differential

10. Montgomery Burns (last week NR) (93-69) - Finished with a flurry to claim the wild card and the final spot in the rankings. You guessed it, 8-6. Owns the best exp. % and run differential of any of the remaining teams. #6 Pitching Staff, 12th in Batting, and above average in Fielding. +134 run differential.

11.Santa Cruz

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