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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Playoff Picture with 8 games remaining

AL North
In - Montreal (Division Leader via tie-breaker)and Cincinnati (Wild Card #1 Leader)
Eliminated - New Britain, Columbus

AL East
In - Burlington (Division Leader) and San Juan (Wild Card #2 Leader)
Eliminated - Durham, Atlanta

AL South
Still Alive - San Antonio, New Orleans, Jacksonville
Eliminated - Oklahoma City

AL West
In - Santa Cruz (Division Leader)
Eliminated - Scottsdale, Salem, St. Louis

NL North -
In - Cleveland (Division Leader)
Still Alive - Chicago, Pittsburgh
Eliminated - Kansas City

NL East
In - Hartford (Division Leader)
Still Alive - Buffalo (Wild Card #2 Leader)
Eliminated - Dover, Norfolk

NL South
In - Houston (Division Leader)
Still Alive - Montgomery (Wild Card #1 Leader), Tampa Bay
Eliminated - Florida

NL West
In - Los Angeles (Division Leader)
Still Alive - Honolulu
Eliminated - Arizona, San Diego

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