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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How They Do It - Arbitration

The next is a series that looks at the top 5 teams from last season. Here's how they handle arbitration -

It is not a secret that an accepted philosophy is top trade ML players as they reach arbitration or just before their third season of arbitration. This keeps payroll down and allows for an owner to continue the cycle of winning.

Last season, Bulington/Boston used this strategy with Bingo O'Donnell and Bernie Pena. Cincinnati used it with Pepper Griffin, Houston with Junior Tavarez, and Montreal with Keith Roosevelt. Hartford did not employ this strategy.

It is also not a secret that if you take a guy to arbitration three times, he will most likely leave and not sign with you as a Free Agent. Their is much more value in trading a guy in the second season of arbitration instead of letting him walk in FA. It will be very rare to have a top team let this happen.

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