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Friday, October 1, 2010

How They Do It - Coach Hiring

The second in a series that looks at the Top 5 teams from last season and how it appears they approached the game. If you read my first post, you know that the better teams spend less on coaching.

The Top 5 spent an average of 9.8 million on all coaches.

WS Champ Cincinnati retained 6 of 7 coached from the previous season. He spent 7.9 million on the ML squad, and promoted his AAA BC to ML Bench coach at the minimum cost of 600k.

WS Runner-up Houston had a similair strategy. They retained 6 of 7 coaches and spent 6.9 mllion on ML coaches. They also saved money by signing a AAA Pitching coach to the ML role.

Montreal took a different route, only retaining 3 of 7 ML coaches. They did, however, manage to keep the cost down by hiring AAA guys for ML roles, with a total of 7.9 million spent on ML coaches.

Hartford retained 5 of 7 ML coached from the previous year. They spent more than other on the ML squad at 8.6 million, largely due to the fact that he did not promote a minor league guy from within.

Burlington/Boston is a good model for coaching efficiency. They signed a AA hitting coach to the ML role, promoted their AAA BC to the ML role for the minimum, signed a HiA pitching coach to the ML role, and a AA Pitching coach to the bullpen. Other coaches were kept from the previous year. In total, they only spent 5 million on ML coaches.

While I do not suggest following these specific rules as gospel as all situations are different, there are some good guidelines followed by these teams.

1. Promote from within if you have a good coach in the minors that can fill an ML role for the minimum. This is a relatively new option from WIS, take advantage of it. Go to admin>coaching staff>rehire to see what your options are prior to setting your budget.

2. Offer ML roles to minor league coaches, no matter what their level. If you have a HiA pitching coach on the open market that is looking for a AA job, offer him the ML role. They would have to meet a ratings threshold, but they will almost always take an ML job over an extremely high paying minor league one. Previous ML coaches on the open market will always be more expenseive, but not necessarily as good.

3. Your coaching budget should be dependant upon how many ML positions that you will need to fill on the open market. However, it is rare that you will need more than 12 million to hire a quality staff.

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