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Monday, October 11, 2010

Owner Profile - neilg of the Montgomery Burns

neilg is one of the original members of the 1530 World, now in its 18th seaoson. He is 1524-1230, for a win percentage of .553. He has two division titles and nine wild card appearances. His sole World Series appearance was in Season 15. Here is more about neilg.

Age: Newly 40

Hometown: Cincinnati OH

First Name: Surprisingly enough - Neil

Number of teams: I currently have 3, but am probably going to cut down to 2

Team Philosophy: In most circumstances, the goal is to win at the big league level every year. I have paid far less attention to the draft than I should while overpaying for free agents - and sonmehow, Houston still finishes ahead of me every year.

Best Move made in the game: The best move that I have made has been to resist the urge to accept one of the loaded offers that I receive every season for Ken Daly.

Worst move made in the game: The worst move that I make occurs every year when i don't spend the necessary time ranking players for the amateur draft. I always check out the results like a little kid running downstairs on Christmas morning... only to find that once again all Santa brought me was socks and underwear.

Why you picked the city and team name: My brother lives in Montgomery and I tried to think of the most humerous team names I could. I shudder every time I imagine what our real team logo has to look like.

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