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Monday, November 1, 2010

Week 2 Power Rankings - Moving Week

Week 2 is usually when the top teams start to make their move, and we should start to see the best teams rise to the top. Some interesting notes:

- 2 of the top 5 were not ranked last week, including the #1 team
- 6 of the Top 10 were not ranked last week
- 3 of the top 4 teams lead a category (field,pit,bat)
- 8 of the top 10 are top 5 in at least one category
- there are 5 teams tied for the second best record in the Majors
- 3 of the top 8 are from the AL North

1. Santa Cruz Border Patrol (26-15) prev NR - The Border Patrol, unranked last week, move to the top spot by taking out their anger on Durham - winning 6 of 7. They also won every series and tied for the top week at 15-5. They own the best exp win percentage and run differential. They are 2nd in batting, 5th in pitching, and above average in fielding. Run differential +89

2. Montreal Garde Imperiale (26-15) prev #4 - The Garde move up 3 spots thanks to a 13-7 week with sweeps of Baltimore and San Antonio. They did lose a series to Philly, so don't count out the B. Giants yet. They own the #1 batting unit, the #5 fielding unit, and an above average pitching squad. Run differential +78

3. Houston Hangovers (27-14) prev #1 - The Hangovers still own the best record in the Majors, with a strong 12-8 week. They won series vs. San Diego, LA, and Dover, but were 2-3 vs. Honolulu. They have the best pitching staff, a top 10 fielding unit, and an above average batting team. Run differential +59

4. Buffalo Bisons (26-15) prev #2 - The Bisons had a 12-8 week, with sereis wins vs. Louisville, Los Angeles, and Cleveland. They split with Honolulu and remain a game back of Houston for best record in the NL. They have the #1 Fielding unit, the #3 batting unit, and an above average pitching staff. Run differential + 71

5. Montgomery Burns (26-15) prev NR - The Burns had a very good week, matching the best record of any team for the period, although 6 of their wins were against Kansas City. They are 4th in fielding, 6th in batting, and above average in pitching. Run differential +55

6. Cincinnati Redlegs (26-15) prev #10 - The Redlegs move up 6 spots on the strength of a 14-6 week, with a sweep of Boston. 7 of their next 15 are vs. #1 Santa Cruz so we should know much more about these two teams then. They are #2 in pitching, above average in fielding, and just below average in batting. Run differential +42

7. Cleveland Wahoos (23-18) prev NR - The NL North leaders debut at #7 off of a 13-7 week, sweeping Norfolk and Hartford. They own the #4 batting team, #10 pitching, and slightly above average fielding unit. Their next 15 games are against teams with a winning record. Run Differential +61

8. New Britain Red Coats (23-18) prev NR - The Redcoats make an appearance as the third member in the Top 10 from the AL North. They had a tremendous 14-6 week, with series wins vs. Philly, Salem, OKC, and Boston. Their #4 pitching unit is carrying a an average fielding and pitching squad. Run differential +44

9. St. Louis Cardinals (24-17) prev NR - The 2nd place AL West team enters the Top 10off of a 12-8 week. The won series vs. Durham, Jacksonville, and New Orleans, but were swept by Salt Lake. They have the #7 pitching staff, which is propping up an average batting and below average fielding unit. Run differential +31

10. Los Angeles Hollywoods (24-17)prev NR - El Paso, Pittsburgh, and Dover were all series losers vs. a 14-6 for the week LA. They have also won 10 of their last 13 games. They are top 13 in all three categories. Run differential +30

Dropped off of the list (record for the week)-

#3 Honolulu (11-9)
#5 Oklahoma City (9-11)
#6 Boston (10-10)
#7 New Orleans (10-10)
#8 Durham (5-15)
#9 Hartford (9-11)

Just missed, in order -


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