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Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 3 Power Rankings

1. Cincinnati Redlegs (44-18) prev #6 - The Redlegs have gone from #10 to #1 in just two weeks. They won an amazing 18 of 21 games, with previous #1 Santa Cruz being the victim in 6 out of 7 games. Last week I had said that we would know more about Cincy and Santa Cruz after the week, and we now know that Cincinnati is the better team. They are #1 in pitching, #4 in batting, and top 10 in fielding. They own the best exp. win %. Run differential +124

2. Montgomery Burns (42-20) prev #5 - The Burns had a great week to continue their ascent, which leaves them one spot from the top and the best team in the NL. They are clearly the best team in the NL - leading in wins, exp. win %, and run differential. They won 8 of 9 from Top 10 teams Buffalo, Honolulu, and Los Angeles. They, like Cincinnati, are Top 10 in all three categories. Run differential +123

3. Montreal Garde Imperiale (40-22) prev #2 - The Garde drop a spot at really no fault of their own, winning 14 of 21 games. They are responsible for St. Louis exiting the rankings, sweeping them in four. They own the top batting unit, a top 5 fieliding unit, and an above average pitching squad. Run differential +137 is best in the ML.

4. Buffalo Bisons (41-21) prev #4 - The Bisons stay where they were with another strong week, winning 15 out of 21. They have won 15 out of their last 17 vs. teams not named Montgomery. Their average pitching staff is being carried by top 5 batting and fielding units. Run differential + 111

5. Hartford Whalers (39-23) prev NR - The Whalers re-enter the rankings with a bang - winning 16 0f 21 games, including sweeps of Honolulu, El Paso, and Cleveland. They own a Top 5 pitching staff, which is currently making up for average batting and fielding units. Run Differential +80

6. Los Angeles Hollywoods (36-26)prev #10 - The Hollywoods continue to improve, moving up 4 spots to number 6. They were 12-9, with 7 wins at the expense of Norfolk. They are a top 5 pitching squad, with only average fielding and batting. Run differential +66

7. Houston Hangovers (37-25) prev #3 - The Hangovers had a rough week that sees them continue their slide from the top. They had a losing 10-11 record for the week, with losses in 7 of their last 8 contests. They have the second best pitching staff, an average fielding unit, and below average batting team. Run differential +60

8. Boston Tea Partiers (36-26) prev NR - The Tea Partiers enter the ranking largely due to other teams being unable to stay on the list. They were a pedestrian 11-10 on the week, and 6-6 in their last 12 games. They are Top 5 in batting, and abover average in the other categories so look for this team to rise. Run differential +58

9. Honolulu Tropics (34-28) prev NR - The Tropics were 11-10 on the week, with 6 of those losses against Hartford and Montgomery. They are Top 3 in both Pitching and Fielding, and below average in Batting. Run differential +53

10. Santa Cruz Border Patrol (26-15) prev #1 - The Rollercoasters barely avoid becoming the first team ever to go from unranked to #1 to unranked. They won only 7 of 21, with a sweep of Oklahoma City as the only positive. Their pitching is largelt to blame, going from 5th to 17th. Run differential +55

Dropped off:
St. Louis
New Britain

Also receiving votes:
Oklahoma City
St. Louis

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