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Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 4 Rankings (Top 8)

This week I take a different approach in my rankings. Each team is compared to the one immediately below/

1. Montreal Garde Imperiale (53-26) prev #3 - So how does a team that isn't even in first place in their own division take the top overall spot? Well, they ARE the best team, and it is onlt a matter of time before they pass their rivals (and #2 on the list) for the top spot in their division. They have the best exp. % in the ML at .717, the best run differential in the ML at +204, and are only 2 wins behind Cincy. They are scoring 7 runs per game, almost a full run more than Cincy, and have the superior fielding unit. They are close in runs allowed, with Montreal allowing only .08 more runs per game. But, they are still just 1-2 vs #2.

2. Cincinnati Redlegs (55-25) prev #1 - The Redlegs own the best record in the league, and they continue to stay at the top of the rankings. Amazingly, they have the same run differential and expected win percentage as the #3 team. They also are very similair in the squad rankings with not much between them. So why #2 and not Buffalo? Well, I'll admit, it is just easier to compare Cincy to Montreal, and Buffalo to Hartford. Accordingly.......

3. Buffalo Bisons (53-26) prev #4 - Buffalo is a deserving #2, and even could be a co-#2. They are the best team in the NL, and it might not be close. They own the best NL record, best exp%, and best run differential. So why else are they better than Hartford? They took 3 of 4 early in the season and have the better batting and fielding units.

4. Hartford Whalers (51-28) prev #5 - The Whalers continue their climb and complete a Top 4 from only two divisions. So why are they better than Montgomery? They aren't. Montgomery has a better exp. % and run differential, and they are rated higher in every category. But it is hard to put Montgomery ahead of Hartford when they are 0-3 vs. them and also only 9-13 in their last 22 games.

5. Montgomery Burns (50-29) prev #2 - Montgomery is sliding, but they should be able to stop te bleeding and regain their rightful spot at #4. I any event, they are superior to Houston, even though they have lost 2 of 3 to them. They have a better exp. win % and run differential, and also have better batting and pitching stats.

6. Houston Hangovers (48-31) prev #7 - The Hangovers are having a difficult time living up to their reputation. They are 5 games back in teh race for best NL record, and are only the 4th best team in the NL. They are better than Los Angeles, however. They have one more win, a better exp. %, a better run differential, and better fielding and batting units. They are also 2-1 against the Hollywoods.

7. Los Angeles Hollywoods (47-32)prev #6 - The Hollywoods check in as the 5th best NL team. They are better than Boston and this is why. They have the same record, but LA has the better exp win % and run differential, as well as having allowed almost .5/run per game. It is difficult to compare a NL team to an AL team, but I am sticking to this ranking, at least for this week.

8. Boston Tea Partiers (47-32) prev #8 - The Tea Partiers stay right where they were last week. There is a large drop-off after them ,which is why the rankings stop at 8 this week (that and I only wrote down info for the top 8 before not being able to complete it on Monday). Anyway, thety are a solid, if not spectacular, version of the perrenial power and should stay on the list for the remainder of the season.

Dropped - Honolulu, Santa Cruz

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