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Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 6 Rankings

1. Montreal Garde Imperiale (82-35) prev #1 - Again the top team, and this is truly an amazing team. They owned the best record for the week, the best exp win %, the best record, and the best run differential. The only negative is a recent series with Cincy where they lost 3 of 4, so they might be vulnerble in a playoff series with the Redlegs. Run differential +365

2. Cincinnati Redlegs (79-38) prev #2 - The Redlegs finally relinquish the best record in the league, going 12-8 on the week. They lost 3 of 4 to Boston but have won their last 6. A three game series at season's end with Montral looms. Run differential +188

3. Buffalo Bisons (74-43) prev #3 - Buffalo is just barely hanging on to this spot after a dismal 10-10 week. They lost 8 of 9 during a stretch against LA, Hartford, and Dover, but have seemed to right the ship. An 11 game gauntlet at the end of the season against Houston, Hartford, and Cleveland will tell us what this team is made of. Run differential +203

4. Cleveland Wahoos (71-46) prev #6 - The Wahoos continue their climb to the top with an outstanding 16-4 week (matching Montreal for the best record for the period). So what worries the blog? Losing 3 of 4 to Houston. They play Houston, Hartford, and Montgomery in 14 of their next 28 games, so this could be as high as they get. Run differential +184

5. Hartford Whalers (73-44) prev #5 - The Whalers' follow an average 9-9 week with a very good 13-7 one. They took 2 of 3 from Buffalo and have split 2 games with Houston. They have some tough games left, and 12 of their next 15 are against L.A., Houston, Montgomery, and Cleveland. Run Differential +153

6. Boston Tea Partiers (72-45) prev #7 - The Tea Partiers have firmly established themselves as the 3rd best AL team. They had a very good 14-6 week, taking 3 of 4 at Cincinnati. They have a relatively difficult schedule left, including playing Montreal 6 times. Run differential +131

7. Houston Hangovers (70-47) prev #8 - The Hangovers rebound from a 9-9 week, going 13-7. They are 6-3 in their last 9 games vs. LA, Hartford, and Cleveland. 5 of their next 8 are vs Hartfors and Buffalo. Run differential +144

8. Montgomery Burns (72-45) prev #4, preseason NR - Montgomery has resorted to their average ways, going 11-9 on the week. They split with Houston ans LA and were swept by Buffalo. 6 of their next 11 are against Cleveland and Hartford. Run differential + 138

9. Los Angeles Hollywoods (67-50)prev #10 - The Hollywoods move up one spot after an extremely difficult stretch against Houston, Montgomery, and Buffalo. They went 5-5, holding their own against some of the top teams in the NL. Run differential +97

10. Santa Cruz Border Patrol (64-53) prev NR - The Patrol enter the rankings on the back of a strong 14-6 week. They have lost their last 3, however, and are in danger of being swept by Boston. 8 of their next 25 games are against Cincinnati, Montreal, and Boston. Run differential +98

Dropped - Honolulu
Just Missed - Jacksonville, St. Louis, Honolulu, Dover

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