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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Playoff preview- round 2

So the blog was 2-2 in round one. Let's see if we can do any better in the next round.


#1 Montreal vs. #5 Cincinnati
Top 10- Montreal #1 / Cincinnati #2
Regular Season- Series split 5-5 with an amazing 0 run differential
Prediction- This is the premier series of the second round and it really could go either way. It will go the distance, but one look at the player awards page and I have to go with Montreal.

#2 Boston vs. #5 St. Louis
Top 10 - Boston #6 / St. Louis NR
Regular Season- Boston took 6 of 10 with a run differential of + 4.
Prediction- St. Louis easily dispatched Boston's rival Philadelphia to prevent the AL East and North from taking all 4 second round spots. I can't see them beating Boston, however, who might be the best bet to advance out of the AL. Boston in 4.


#1 Buffalo vs. #4 Cleveland
Top 10 - Buffalo #3 / Cleveland #7
Regular Season- Split 10 games with Buffalo at a +1 run differential
Prediction- Buffalo's form as of late leaves much to be desired, and Cleveland continues to confound the blog. I'm going out on a limb, Cleveland in 5.

#2 Houston vs. #3 Los Angeles
Top 10 - Houston #4 / Los Angeles #5
Regular Season - Houston owned LA, winning 7 of 10. Oddly enough, LA had the edge in run differential at +2.
Prediction - LA has long been a blog favorite and this might be the year. However, Houston has been steadily improving all season. Houston in 5.

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