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Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 7 Rankings

What a finish it is going to be in the NL. There is a clear leader in Buffalo, but after that it is anyone's guess. I will track the records of the NL teams on the list vs. each other as we head to the playoffs.

Top 10 NL teams vs each other for the week:

Buffalo: 2-1
Cleveland: 7-3
Montgomery: 4-5
Houston: 5-5
LA: 5-3
Hartford: 4-10

1. Montreal Garde Imperiale (101-37) prev #1 - Ho-hum, another amzing week and top spot for our favorite French-Canadians. They were an amazing 19-2 on the week and are now 35-5 in their last 40 games. They swept Boston, Santa Cruz, and San Antonio. Run differential +448

2. Buffalo Bisons (90-48) prev #3 - Buffalo rebounded from a poor week to go 16-5 and regain the #2 spot. They were 16-5 of the week and have won eight straight after taking 2 of 3 from Houston. Run differential +243

3. Cincinnati Redlegs (91-49) prev #2. The Redlegs swap places with Buffalo after a good 12-9 week. They lost 2 of 3 to both Durham and Philadelphia, and have no hope of winning their division. Run differential +214

4. Cleveland Wahoos (84-54) prev #6 - The Wahoos had another solid week and continue to prove the doubters wrong. Their 13-8 campaign included a 7-3 record against Hartford and Montgomery. They could be in much better shape had it not been for a sweep at the hands of Honolulu. Run differential +186

5. Montgomery Burns (84-54) prev #8 - Montgomery is the big mover this week, even after going 12-9. They were 4-5 against Cleveland and Hartford and won 2 of 3 against Honolulu. Run differential +165

6. Houston Hangovers (83-55) prev #7 - The Hangovers continue their slow and steady climb that should put the rest on the NL on notice. They were 13-8 for the week, including 5-5 against LA and Buffalo. Run differential +156

7. Los Angeles Hollywoods (80-58) prev #9 - The Hollywoods had a nice week, going 13-8. They swept Hartford, but lost 2 of 3 vs Houston. In all, they were 5-3 vs the top NL teams. Run differential +146

8. Hartford Whalers (81-57) prev #5 - The Whalers had the worst record of the group, going a dismal 8-13 for the period. They were 4-10 vs. Houston, Cleveland, Montgomery, and LA. They still have 7 games vs. top teams to they could slide further. Run differential +146

9. Boston Tea Partiers (83-55) prev #7 - The 3rd best AL team is 9th on the list. They were 11-10 on the week, including a sweep at the hands of Montreal. They are, however, in no danger of missing the playoffs, and should have the #2 seed wrapped up. Run differential +137

10. Santa Cruz Border Patrol (77-61) prev +10 - The Patrol solidify themselves on the Top 10 with a very good 13-8 week. They are now tied with St. Louis for the division lead, but still have Philadelphia and Cincinnati on the schedule. Run differential +129

Just Missed - Philadelphia, St. Louis, Jacksonville, Dover

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