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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Blog's Hall of Fame Ballot

Please remember to vote - here is my ballot:

1. Rob Branson Appeared in 7 of the first 10 all-star games and won 3 Cy Young awards in a 6 year span, both in the AL and NL. Career ERA of 3.09 and a WHIP of 1.18 in the steroid era.

2. Karl Greenberg Appeared in 4 of the first 6 all-star games and won 3 Cy Youngs and 2 World Series. Career shortened by elbow issues.

3. Del Hamelin This nine time all-star is the best offensive Catcher of all time. He appeared in 9 ML all-star games and won 5 silver sluggers. He has over 1000 runs, 1000 rbi's, and 350 homers.

4. Juan Beltre This DH is the career leader in batting average and appeared on 3 all-star teams. He is also the owner of the two highest batting averages in a single season - batting .450 in season 7 and .412 in Season 8.

5. Jorge Ortiz Appeared in 6 straight all-star games, winning the AL MVP in Season 1. Top 3 in career OPS.

The "All-Available" Team

SP1 - Cliff Bennett
SP2 - Jorge Hernandez
SP3 - Pedro Morales
SP4 - Yamid Lopez
SP5 - Monte Sheldon
Mop - Walt Jensen
LRA - Harold Bolick
LRB - Clarence Dupler
SuA - Paul Whitman
SuB - Casey Zimmerman
SuB - Heinie Bailey
Cl - Enrique Balboa

C - Diego Mercado
1B - Mendy Mulder
2B - Royce Aven
3B - Ismael Polanco
SS - Sammy Carter
LF - Juan Alvarez
CF - Brian Klingenbeck
RF - Damaso Aguilera
DH - Luis Fernandez

BENCH 1 (speed) - James Koch
BENCH 2 (glove) - Josh Wolf
BENCH 3 (bat) - Otis Cashman
BENCH 4 - Eli Gonzales

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How They Do It - 25 Man Rosters

Here's a look at the Season 17 make-up of the Top 5 teams.

Burlington (now Boston) - Burlington made a commitment in Season 17 to sign Type A Free Agents for cheap. Juan Johnson and Angel Bonilla were two such players, and combined for over 1000 at bats. Their top 13 players, as defined by most at bats, were acquired as follows: seven via trade, two via free agency, two via waivers, and two via the draft. The pitching staff is not much different, with the top 12, as defined by innings pitched and appearances, acquired as follows: six via trade, three via free agency, one via the draft, one via IFA, and one from the Rule V.

Totals: 13 trade, 5 FA, 3 Draft, 2 Waivers, 1 IFA, 1 Rule V

Cincinnati - The World Champions avoided Free Agency like the plague - only 1 of their top 23 was acquired via free agency. They relied primarily on trades, but were alos heavy on amateur draft picks, including stud CF Jonathan Gload. Their top 13 position players were acquired as follows: seven via trade, three via the draft, 2 via IFA, and one from the Rule V. Their Top 10 pitchers were acquired as follows: five via trade, three via the draft, one free agent, and one Rule V.

Totals: 12 trade, 6 draft, 2 IFA, 2 Rule V, and 1 FA

Hartford - The NL Pennant Runner-up Hartford took completely different approaches to pitching and position players, but mainly focused on the amateur draft. For position players, like slugging 1B Brendan Watson, they focused on the draft and trades. For pitchers, they looked to FA and trades. Their Top 13 position players were acquired as follows: five via trade, five via the draft, one off of waivers, one from ths Rule V, and one via Free Agency. For pitchers, it was six via free agency, three from the draft, two from trades, and one off of the waiver wire.

Totals: 8 draft, 7 trade, 7 FA, 2 waiver wire, and 1 Rule V

Houston - The NL Champs took a similair approach to Cincy, having as many guys on teh team acquired via FA (1), as guys claimed off of the waiver wire. They are also more reliant on IFA's than any other teamon this list - having four on their roster of 25. For position players, the breakdown is six via trade, four via the draft, and two IFA's. For pitchers, it's seven via the trade, two IFAs, two via the draft, one from waivers, and one FA.

Totals: 13 trade, 6 draft, 4 IFA, 1 FA, 1 waiver wire

Montreal - The perennial power is, by a longshot, the most dependant upon trades. Seventeen of their twenty five top players were acquired in this way. On the position side, their were eight by trade, three form the draft, one free agent, and one Rule V. On the pitching side, they had nine acquired via trade, and thre in free agency.

Totals: 17 trade, 4 FA, 3 draft, 1 Rule V.

Here are the grand totals for all teams, with the percentage of the total in ().

Position players - 33 trade (52%), 17 draft (27%), 4 free agents (6%), 4 IFA (6%), 3 Rule V (4.5%), 3 waivers (4.5%).

Pitchers - 29 trade (49%), 14 free agent (24%), 9 draft (15%), 3 IFA (5%), 2 Rule V (3.5%), 2 Waiver Wire (3.5%).

So what does it all mean?

1. Obviously, trading is the key to having a successful squad. Over 50% of the total players on the top five teams were acquired through the trade market. This would lead the blog to believe that advance scouting should be an important part of any teams budget.

2. Free Agency is not the cure for position players. Only 4 of the 64 players were acquired in free agency, only one more than both the Rule V and Waiver Wire.

3. Free Agency is more important for pitchers than position players. While only 6% of rosters were made up of free agent position players, 24% were made up of pitchers.

4. Do not ignore the Rule V and waiver wire. Four of the five teams had at least one player on the roster acquired through the Rule V draft. Three of the top five had at lease one player acquired on the waiver wire.

5. IFA is overrated. IFA's made up less than 6% of the rosters of the Top 5 teams, barely beating out Rule V and Waiver Wire. It is much easier to trade for someone else's IFA than find your own.

6. The amateur draft should not be ignored. There were more players from the amatuer draft than IFA and FA combined.

7. If you go into Free Agency, go late, and go big. If you sign one type A, you might as well sign multiple type A's. Sign them late and cheap, a la Burlington.

Conclusion - Trade often, trade well.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Owner Profile - neilg of the Montgomery Burns

neilg is one of the original members of the 1530 World, now in its 18th seaoson. He is 1524-1230, for a win percentage of .553. He has two division titles and nine wild card appearances. His sole World Series appearance was in Season 15. Here is more about neilg.

Age: Newly 40

Hometown: Cincinnati OH

First Name: Surprisingly enough - Neil

Number of teams: I currently have 3, but am probably going to cut down to 2

Team Philosophy: In most circumstances, the goal is to win at the big league level every year. I have paid far less attention to the draft than I should while overpaying for free agents - and sonmehow, Houston still finishes ahead of me every year.

Best Move made in the game: The best move that I have made has been to resist the urge to accept one of the loaded offers that I receive every season for Ken Daly.

Worst move made in the game: The worst move that I make occurs every year when i don't spend the necessary time ranking players for the amateur draft. I always check out the results like a little kid running downstairs on Christmas morning... only to find that once again all Santa brought me was socks and underwear.

Why you picked the city and team name: My brother lives in Montgomery and I tried to think of the most humerous team names I could. I shudder every time I imagine what our real team logo has to look like.