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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Playoff preview- round 2

So the blog was 2-2 in round one. Let's see if we can do any better in the next round.


#1 Montreal vs. #5 Cincinnati
Top 10- Montreal #1 / Cincinnati #2
Regular Season- Series split 5-5 with an amazing 0 run differential
Prediction- This is the premier series of the second round and it really could go either way. It will go the distance, but one look at the player awards page and I have to go with Montreal.

#2 Boston vs. #5 St. Louis
Top 10 - Boston #6 / St. Louis NR
Regular Season- Boston took 6 of 10 with a run differential of + 4.
Prediction- St. Louis easily dispatched Boston's rival Philadelphia to prevent the AL East and North from taking all 4 second round spots. I can't see them beating Boston, however, who might be the best bet to advance out of the AL. Boston in 4.


#1 Buffalo vs. #4 Cleveland
Top 10 - Buffalo #3 / Cleveland #7
Regular Season- Split 10 games with Buffalo at a +1 run differential
Prediction- Buffalo's form as of late leaves much to be desired, and Cleveland continues to confound the blog. I'm going out on a limb, Cleveland in 5.

#2 Houston vs. #3 Los Angeles
Top 10 - Houston #4 / Los Angeles #5
Regular Season - Houston owned LA, winning 7 of 10. Oddly enough, LA had the edge in run differential at +2.
Prediction - LA has long been a blog favorite and this might be the year. However, Houston has been steadily improving all season. Houston in 5.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Playoff Preview

The blog predicts -


Round One

#4 Jacksonville TIMUCUANS vs. #5 Cincinnati Redlegs

Top 10 - Jacksonville NR, Cincinnati #2
Regular Season - Cincinnati took 7 of 10 games, but the aggregate score has them only +4 in run differential.
Prediction - Cincy in 4, the Redlegs pitching too much for Jax.

#3 St. Louis Crdinals vs. #6 Philadelphia Bacharach Giants
Top 10 - St. Louis NR, Philly #10
Regular Season - Philly took 6 out of 10, with an aggregate run differential of -2.
Prediction - Philly in 3. Vincente, Wheat, and Ramsey too much.


Round One

#4 Cleveland Wahoos vs. #5 Montgomery Burns
Top 10 - Cleveland #7, Montgomery #8
Regular Season - Cleveland took 6 of 10, with an aggregate run differential of +8
Prediction - I'm going with Montgomery in 5, Daly too much for Cleveland.

#3 Los Angeles Hollywoods vs. #6 Hartford Whalers
Top 10 - LA #5, Hartford #9
Regular Season - L.A split 5-5 with aggregate run differntial +5
Prediction - LA in 5, Inge the difference in a close one

Final Standings

1. Montreal Garde Imperiale (120-42) prev #1 - Surprise, surprise! What a team and what a season. The Garde led the league in wins, expected win percentage, and run differential. They finished 1st in Pitching and Fielding, and were 3rd in Batting. The only cause for concern is an 18-18 record vs. the Top 10. Run differential +536

2. Cincinnati Redlegs (106-56) prev #3. The Redlegs finish at the #2 spot after a very good week. They were 2nd to Montreal in wins, expected win percentage, and run differential. They finished 2nd in Batting, 6th in Pitching, and 11th in Fielding. They were also 18-18 vs the Top 10. Run differential +323

3. Buffalo Bisons (100-62)prev #2 - The Bisons finish with an awful week and just barely hold on to the top NL spot. For the season, they had the best record in the NL, 2nd best exp. %, and best run differential. They were the 5th ranked Batting unit, and 9th in both Pitching and Fielding. They were 27-23 vs. the Top 10. Run differential +213

4. Houston Hangovers (99-63) prev #6 - The Hangovers continue their slow and steady climb that ends as the 4th ranked team. They were 2nd in the NL in Wins, exp. win percentage, and 3rd in run differential. The finished the season 4th in Pitching and 10th in both Batting and Fielding. They were 32-24 vs. the Top 10. Run differential +209

5. Los Angeles Hollywoods (98-64) prev #7 - The Hollywoods finish the season on a tear and amazingly end up just shy of the top ranked NL team. They led the NL in expected win percentage and were 2nd in run differential. They finsihed the season 2nd in Pitching, 13th in Batting, and 8th in Fielding. The only thing preventing them from a higher ranking is that they were 24-32 vs Top 10 teams. Run differential +210

6. Boston Tea Partiers (100-62) prev #9 - The 3rd best AL team is now 6th on the list after a very good week. They finished the season as the 9th best Batting unit, 8th best Pitching one, and 3rd best Fielding. They were 20-13 vs. the Top 10. Run differential +186

7. Cleveland Wahoos (97-65) prev #4 - The Wahoos finish well and fall in place as the 4th best NL team. They finish with tied with Houston for the 2nd best exp. win %, tied with L.A. for the 2nd best run differential, and 3 games back of Buffalo for the best record. They had the 8th best batting unit, 5th best pitching, and 13th best fielding. They were 24-26 vs. the Top 10. Run differential +210

8. Montgomery Burns (99-63) prev #5 - Montgomery settles in as the 5th best NL team. They had a good week and finished only 1 game back for the best record in the NL. They had the 6th best batting unit, 10th best pitching, and 2nd best fielding. They were 26-32 vs. the Top 10. Run differential +183

9. Hartford Whalers (92-70) prev #9 - The Whalers slide to the back of the NL Top 10 pack with a losing record for the week. They own the 7th best Batting unit, 14th best Pitching, and 16th best Fielding. They were 25-25 vs. the Top 10. Run differential +139

10. Philadelphia Bacharach Giants (90-72) prev NR - Philly sneaks in as the 4th ranked AL team. They had a very good week and finished as the 15th Batting, 16th Pitching, and 17th Fielding unit. They were 15-18 vs. the Top 10. Run differential +90

11. Jacksonville
12. St. Louis