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Thursday, January 27, 2011

3B or SS? You decide.

While researching another blog topic...

Player A has a range of 75, a glove of 83, arm strength of 83, and arm accuracy of 83. Is this player a SS or 3B?

Player A has contact of 55, power of 85, vs. LHP of 82, vs. RHP of 76, and eye of 91. Does that change your mind?

Player A has 6484 innings at SS, with a fielding percentage of .965. He has 63 negative plays and 2 positive plays at this position.

Player A has 21 innings at 3B, with a fielding percentage of 1.000. He has 1 positive play and 0 negative plays at this position.

Poll question - If you had Player A for his entire career, would you play him at SS,3B, or another position?

For me, this guy never sees SS. For those that have had him, including two of our most successful owners, he very rarely was not a SS.

Bt the way, this is Player A .

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