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Monday, January 10, 2011

Best FA Signing

Here are the top 5 vote getters -

Junior Montero - SP - Rochester, 3 years, $18.9 million.

Analysis - I really like this deal. Montero is a top of the rotation guy that will produce in each of his three years. A very good signing.

Ahmad Bell - SS - Buffalo, 5 years, $50 million.

Analysis - Another good signing. $10 million per year is tremendous value for a guy that will hit 40 homers at a skill position. He should hold his ratings, but will need to move to another position as early as this year.

Derrek Peters - SP - Santa Cruz, 5 yrs, $50 million with a mutual option.
Analysis - Peters is a better buy for me than Reed. He has better career stats and superior ratings. This is a 4 year deal as it is highly unlikely that the team will excercise the option, and I would rather have 4 years of Peters than 5 years of Reed.

Philip Colin - SP - Durham Tar Heels, 5 yrs, $62.5 million with a team option on the last year
Analysis - This is basically a 4 year deal for an aging elite SP coming off of winning the AL Cy Young. Colin should be a #1 SP for 2 of the 4 years, and contribute for another year, maybe two. I am biased, but this guy is coming off of a Cy Young, has three WS Rings, and is a six-time all-star. I'll take my chances with some dead money four seasons from now.

Alex Encarnacion - RP - Buffalo, 2 years, $10 million
Analysis - Signings like this one make Buffalo one of the elite teams in the league. Encarnacion is very good. His durability is a little low, but every other rating screams top notch reliever. The career numbers are distorted a bit by his one year in Colorado, but he should thrive in Dunn Tire Park. A very good signing.

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