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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Blog's HOF Cheat Sheet

As requested. I have only included those that have recieved 5 or more votes in the past, and those first-timers that are likely to receive at least 5 votes this year. Position listed is where the spent the greatest amount of innings.

LF Charles Lawrence

Breakdown - Lawrence is, without any doubt, the best player that has ever been eligible for the HOF. He is a career .326 hitter, with 719 HR's, 2077 runs, and 2037 RBI's. He is a 12-time all-star and 8-time MVP. he is the Career leader in both runs and RBI's.

Best Vote Count - N/A

DH Juan Beltre

Breakdown - A controversial topic on the board, but there is little doubt in my mind that he is HOF worthy. He has the two best single season batting averages, including an amazing .450 average in Season 7, and is the career leader over HOF member Rollie Walker by 17 points. He is second in career OBP. He is a DH, and played most of his career in a hitter's park, so his election in far from guaranteed.

Best Vote Count - 5, Season 16

SS Hal Weiss

Breakdown - This 6-time all-star ended up with a career average of .300 and over 1300 runs and RBI's. He did play a skill position at SS, but really should have been a 3B.He was a good player, but his poor eye kept him from being elite.

Best Vote Count - 5, Season 17

LF Jorge Ortiz

Breakdown - Ortiz won the very first MVP in Season 1, and also appeared in 6 all-star games. He only produced in 6 seasons in the Majors, and most of his production occured in the first two seasons, when the league was in the steroid era. All that being said, he was a machine for 6 seasons, but I'm not sure that it will be enough.

Best Vote Count - 5, Season 17

SS Donne Vina

Breakdown - This 3-time all-star has a gold glove, 2 rings, and 2 silver sluggers. He compares favoritively to Weiss at the plate, but was really ill-suited at SS. He did have power, though, and finished with 531 homers and 1444 RBI's. Poor health and 5 trips to the DL might prevent him from making it. His best chance at election may have passed him by.

Best Vote Count - 9, Season 15

SP Karl Greenberg

Breakdown - KG was a 3 time Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, 4 time all-star, and 2-time WS winner. In my opinion, he is the second best pitcher from the live-ball era next to HOF member Rob Branson. However, he only had 175 wins and his ERA and WHIP are not special. His candidacy does have strong support, but his best vote count was two seasons ago so his support could be waning.

best Vote Count - 10, Season 16

C Del Hamelin

Breakdown - It's hard to envision 2 DH's in the HOF this season, so Hamelin's candidacy must be compared to Beltre's (Hamelin was ill-suited at C). He was an 8-time all-star and 5-time SS, but he should not have been a Catcher and would have won far fewer awards if at his natural position of DH. Beltre has superior avg, obp, slg, and ops nubers and is only 120 rbi's short despite 1600 fewer ab's. Hard to imagine Hamelin making it in.

Best Vote Count - 6, Season 16

3B Thom Martin

Breakdown - Martin must be compared to Vina in order to determine his worth. Both have 2 WS rings,about 5900 AB's, and Martin had 2 more SS's and one more all-star appearance. Martin has more hits, homers, rbi's, and better avg, obp, slg, and ops. Martin's first 4 years were amazing, but it was in a time of inflated numbers. If you vote for one, vote Martin, but it is my opinion that Martin is a fringe candidate.

Best Vote Count - 8, Season 15

1B Sidney Allen

Breakdown - Allen appeared in 1 all-star game, won 2 WS, and was a 3-time SS DH. He had over 50 HR's an amazing 9 times. He is 3rd on the all-time homer list behind two future HOFrs. Working against him is a career .276 average, .353 OBP, and .934 OPS.

Best Vote Count - 7, Season 15

RF Glenallen Roosevelt

Breakdown - Roosevelt was a 5-time all-star with 2 WS rings, and 3 SS's. He is a career .305 hitter with 363 HR's and over 1300 rbi's and runs. He compares favorably to Hal Weiss, although he played less of a skill position, but might not have the numbers to make it in.

Best Vote Count - N/A

CF Sparky McNamara

Breakdown - Sparky was a WS MVP with 4 all-star appearances and 2 rings. Again, different positions, but he does not compare favoritively to Donne Vina, another skill position player. But an average over .300 and an OPS at .928 is worthy of consideration for skill position.

Best Vote Count - N/A

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