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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Free Agency Signings - Day 2

Bill Reed - SP - St. Louis, 5 yrs, $38.9 million

Analysis - Starting Pitching continues to be a hot commodity. Reed is a good pitcher, a #3 or maybe #2, that will win more than he loses. He has excelent durability, and should contribute for 4 of his 5 years.

Derrek Peters - SP - Santa Cruz, 5 yrs, $50 million with a mutual option.

Analysis - Peters is a better buy for me than Reed. He has better career stats and superior ratings. This is a 4 year deal as it is highly unlikely that the team will excercise the option, and I would rather have 4 years of Peters than 5 years of Reed.

Junior Ozuna - RP - Durham, 4 yrs, $27.2 million

Analysis - Quite a contract for someone who was released by their previous squad. He should remain in the bullpen for all 4 years and contribute nicely to a team in need of pitching.

Sammy Duran - SP - Cleveland, 4 yrs, $44 million

Analysis - Compared to the other SP deals, this seems excessive for a relatively low-rated lefty. His stats are very good, but he has been playing in LA. He is a 2-time all-star, so maybe the blog will be eating its words.

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