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Friday, January 28, 2011

Season 9 Draft Review - Picks 1-5

Here is the first in a series of the past 10 seasons of drafting. I will do Round 1 of 1 season starting with Season 9 (ostensibly because it's a draft where the players are now in their prime, but really because it is where the blog's author made his best pick ever).For trades, I list the current franchise name, while the former name appears in parentheses.

1. Bill Elster, SP, Buffalo Bisons

Owner - meece entered the league in Season 1 and took over an awful franchise. This pick was the begining of its turnaround from dormat to powerhouse.

Transactions - Elster was traded by Buffalo to San Juan (El Paso) in Season 11, primarily for Francis Herzog, who is now the face of the BUF franchise. He was traded by the San Juan franchise to Scottsdale in Season 15 for Mo Nunnari and Ramon Chen. Scottsdale traded him to his current home of Pittsburgh in Season 16 for Sal Clarkson, Vinny Suzuki, and Kevin Stone.

Production - Elster has an 88-66 record in 8 ML seasons. He has an ERA of 3.76 and a WHIP of 1.32. He has struck out 1162 in 1375 innings and batters are batting .252 against him.

Awards - He was the ROY in Season 13, won a ring in Season 12, and made an all-star appearance in Season 14

DL - An elbow issue landed him on the 60-day DL in Season 10, and he made the 15-Day in Season 13 for a shoulder issue.

Contract - He will have made over $19 million by the end of Season 19.

Summary - A very good pitcher that ended up saving Buffalo by never pitching an inning for them. Has a chance at the all-star game every year but always seems to come up short.

2. Ahmad Bell, SS, Oklahoma City Falcons

Owner - robyoung81 also entered the league in Season 9, and made a very good choice in Bell.

Transactions - Traded to Montreal in Season 17 for Keith Roosevelt, and Harold Spradlin. Signed as a Free Agent with Buffalo in Season 19

Production - Bell has 282 homers and 864 RBI's in his 9 ML Seasons. He is batting .262, slugging .501, and has an OPS of .853. He has played out of position for his entire career at SS, and is only a .965 fielder with 60 more negative plays than positive ones.

Awards - He is a 3-time all-star, one-time Gold Glover at 2B, and 3-time Silver Slugger at SS.

DL - He has had only minor trips to the DL, a 7-day in Season 10, and a 15-day in Season 17.

Contract - He will have made $51 million by the end of Season 19

Summary - A very good position player that only in the last couple of seasons has shown MVP potential.

3. Francis Herzog, CF, Cincinnati Redlegs

Owner - griffey491 gets a major piece to his rebuilding project, then trades him.

Transactions - Traded to Santa Fe for Bert Throneberry (who it turn was traded for Andy Carr) in Season 10. Traded to Buffalo in Season 11 for Bill Elster. Re-signed by Buffalo in Season 18.

Production - In 1236 games, he has 349 homers, 943 runs, and 968 RBI's. He has batted .283, slugged .573, and has an OPS of .986. He is a below average glove with a .969 fielding percetage, but does have 44 more plus plays than negative playes.

Awards - He has appeared in six consecutive all-star games and has won six consecutive Silver Slugger awards.

DL - Only one appearance, in Season 10 for 7 days.

Contract - He will have made $56 million at the end of this season.

Summary - A very good player that is a perennial all-star and mvp candidate. He has a chance at the Hall of Fame if he can win an MVP or 2.

4. Zach Page, 3B, Jacksonville TIMUACANS

Owner - rbjb began his turnaround in earnest in Season 9.

Transactions - Traded to Durham in Season 10 for The Great One, Charles Lawrence. Signed to an extension in Season 18.

Production - Page has 110 homers, 774 runs, and 498 RBI's. He has batted .288, slugged .445, and has a career OPS of .796. He has also stolen 299 bases. In the field, he is plus 3B with a .982 fielding percentage and 83 more plus plays than negative ones.

Awards - He is a 5-time All Star, 2-time Gold Glove winner, and has hit for the cycle and won a World Series ring.

DL - He has one stint on the DL, a 15-day one in Season 13.

Contract - He will have earned 30 million by the time the season ends.

Summary - Another very good player that will have a long career with many awards. Not an MVP type and nowhere near the Hall.

5. Phil Pride, SP, Santa Cruz Border Patrol (Vancouver Otters)

Owner - frank510us also used this draft as a springboard for the resurgance on the now Santa Cruz franchise

Transactions - The only player in the top 5 not to have been traded. Contract extension in

Season 16.

Production - He is 105-68 in his nine ML seasons. He has an ERA of 3.73 and a WHIP of 1.24. He has struk out 1470 in 1530 innings and batters are batting .250 against him.

Awards - He is a 2-time All-Star, has a World Series ring, and one Gold Glove.

DL - He has spent one 7-day period on the DL for an elbow issue in Season 10.

Contract - He will have made $36 million by the end of the season.

Summary - A very good top of the rotation SP. Not special, but will win a couple more all-star appearances and could make 175 wins.

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