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Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekly Rankings - Week 1

Here we go -

1. Los Angeles Hollywoods (22-3) Preseason #5 - The Hollywoods are off to an amazing start, sweeping an amazing 7 out of 9 series, including those against Rochester, Honolulu, and Chicago. They have the top ranked Pitching staff, #3 Batting unit, but a below average Fielding team. They are 5-1 in 1-run games. Run differential +92

2. Philadelphia Bacharach Giants (20-5) Preseason #11 - The Bee Gees are off to the best start in the AL, splitting with Boston and sweeping both Durham and St. Louis. They are 5th in Batting, 2nd in Pitching, and abover average in the field. Run differential +74

3. Houston Hangovers (18-7) Preseason #4 - The Hangovers are off to another great start, although they might be overranked as they are 4-4 vs. the Top 10 (Hartford, Rochester and Chicago). The Top Ranked Batting team is 8th in both Pitching and Fielding. Run diffrential +80

4. Hartford Whalers (15-10) Preseason #8 - The Whalers debut as the 3rd ranked NL team. They were swept bu Houston and have lost 6 of their last 9 after a very good start. They are 7th in Batting, 3rd in Pitching, and average in Fielding. Run differential +54

5. Boston Tea Partiers (16-9) Preseason #6 - The Partiers have an impressive resume - spliting with Philly and taking 3 of 4 from Montreal. They own the 13th best Batting unit, and are 4th in both Pitching and Fielding. Currently 1-1 in a 3 game set against Cincy. Run differential +37

6. Cincinnati Redlegs (15-10) Preseason #2 - The 2-time defending World Champions are off to a sluggish start at first glance. They are very streaky - winning 6, losing 4, winning 6, losing 5. They are 2nd in both Batting and Fielding, but are below average in Pitching. Tis might be the lowest they are ranked all season. Run differential +43

7. Rochester Red Wings (15-10) Preaseason #10 - The Wings are out of the gate fast, appearing on the Top 10 for the first time taht I can remember. They won 6 of 7 vs. Cleveland and Houston early in the season, but have faded with a 1-7 stretch against Buffalo and LA. They are 4th in Batting, 7th in Pitching, and abover average in fielding. Run differential +39

8. Honolulu Tropics (17-8) Preseason NR - The Tropics have been a blog favorite for some time so its good to see them back on the list. They are 17-4 after an opening 4 game sweep at the hands of LA. They are average in Batting, 5th in Pitching, and 9th in Fielding. Run differential +27

9. Chicago Black Sox (15-10) Preseason NR - The Sox are tied at the top of a very competitive NL East. They have won 9 straight including 2 vs. Houston. They are 8th in Batting, 12th in Pitching, and 10th in Fielding. Run differential +24

10. New Orleans Causeway Cajuns (16-9) Preseason NR - The Cajuns are off to a very good 16-9 start. They have swept Cincinnati, but have lost 4 of 5 to Philly and Montreal. They are 11th in Batting, 13th in Pitching, and average in Fielding. I'm not sure if they have staying power, but they deserved a spot this week just ahead of a 12-13 Montreal team. Run differential +13

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