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Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekly Rankings - Week 2

1. Houston Hangovers (34-10) Prev #3 - The Hangovers didn't think much of the blog indicating that they might be overrranked, going a league's best 16-3 on the week. They own the best record, best exp win percentage, and best run differential in the league. They are first in Batting, second in Pitching, and first in Fielding. In all the weeks that I have done the rankings, this is the closest that anyone has ever come to being first in every measurable category. Run differential +124

2. Boston Tea Partiers (30-14) Prev #5 - Boston went an AL best 14-5 on the week, although all 5 losses are in the last 9 games. They own the AL's best run differential, exp win percentage, and record. Another first - they are 5th in all three categories. Run differential +91

3. Los Angeles Hollywoods (32-10) Prev #1 - The former #1 team came back to earth with an average 10-9 week, being swept in 3 games vs Houston by 1 run each time. They are 8th in Batting, 1st in Pitching, and below average in the field. Run differential +103

4. Philadelphia Bacharach Giants (29-15) Prev #2 - The Giants also came back to earth with a very suspect 9-10 week. They were swept by Jacksonville but did take 2 of 3 from Montreal. A mid-week trade should ensure that they stay on the list for the entire season. They are 11th at the plate, 3rd on the mound, and 9th in the field. Run differential +63

5. Rochester Red Wings (28-16) Prev #7 - The Wings have staying power! They were 13-6on the week, including sweeps of Dover and Hartford. They are 6th in Batting, 7th in Pitching, and 8th in Fielding. Run Differential +63

6. Montreal Garde Imperial (25-19) Prev NR - Welcome back to the Top 10 (something we won't hear for the rest of the season)! Our favorite Canadians were 13-6 on the week, including a sweep of Baltimore. They are 7th in Pitching, 6th in Batting, and below average in Fielding. Run differential +74

7. Buffalo Bisons (27-17) Prev NR - Welcome back Buffalo (again, something we won't hear again)! the Bisons were 12-7 on the week and have won 9 of their last 11 games. They are being carried by their 4th ranked Pitching staff and have the 13th ranked Batting unit. Run differential +63

8. Mexico City Luchadors (24-20) Prev NR - Welcome back neilg! Under new (old?) ownership, the Mexicans were 12-7 for the week, with 6-1 series rout of Kansas City. They are 4th in Batting, 8th in Pitching, and average in Fielding. Run Differential +65

9. Cincinnati Redlegs (24-20) Prev #6 - The 2-time defending World Champions continue their sluggish start (hangover?) going 9-10 on the week. They lost series to Boston, Scottsdale, and Oklahoma City. They own the 2nd best batting and 6th best fielding units, but are struggling from the mound. Run differential +58

10. Chicago Black Sox (24-20) Prev #10 - The Sox have fallen 3 games back of NL East leading Buffalo, going 9-10 on the week. They have lost 9 of their last 13 games and will need to improve in order to stay on the list. They are the 9th best Batting team and 3rd best Fielding team, but will need to improve average pitching. Run differential +28

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