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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Season 9 Draft Review - Picks 11-15

Results from previous poll:
Sergio Dupler - 6 votes
Louis Spence - 6 votes
Wendell Reed - 1 vote

11. Bingo O'Donnell, LF, San Francisco Shoreman

Owner - misremember in his only season in the league

Overall Rating - Season 10 - 58, Best - 82, Current - 79

Transactions - Traded in Season 14 to Boston in a classic 3 for 1...............fair deal. Traded in Season 17 to Pittsburgh for Tomo Yosida and William Gray. Signed to a contract extension in season 18.

Production - He has 142 homers, 575 runs, and 528 rbi's. He has batted .274, with a slugging percentage of .456, an OPS of .804, and 144 stolen bases. He has a fielding percentage of .982 in Left, with 3 more plus plays than negative ones.

Awards - None

DL - 60-day forearm problem in Season 18

Contract - $17 million through Season 19 and signed through Season 20

Summary - A good top of the order bat with average fielding in left. Career derailed by forearm injury in Season 18. First member of the draft without an ML award.

12. Bob Hunter, SP, Baltimore Elite Giants

Owner - teacherjt in his 4th of 9 seasons

Overall Rating - Season 10 - 60, Best - 74, Current- 74

Transactions - Traded to LA in Season 10 for defensive specialist Kelly McMasters . Traded to Chicago Black Sox in Season 12 for Luis Morales. Traded in Season 12 to Scottsdale for nobody worth noting. Traded to Cincinnati for Fritz Grabowski. Traded again in Season 13 to Jacksonville for Chad Clarke. Scheduled to test Free Agency after 3 years of arbitration.

Production - He has gone 67-86 with an ERA of 4.56 in 216 ML starts. He has a WHIP of 140 and has 765 K's in 1154 innings.

Awards - None

DL - A Season 10 foremarm issue landed him on teh 60-day DL, which surely stunted his growth. Also had a 15 day trip in Season 16

Contract - Will have earned $9 million by the end of this year.

Summary - Hunter is an interesting case. Surely hampered by his forearm injury, he was probably a guy projected in the 80's that had plenty of value early on in his career. He was involved in deals that gave LA All-Star 2B Morales and Cincy All-Star SP Clarke. He was also involved in deals that gave Scottsdale and Chicago relatively nothing. It seems he was a hot-potato for Jacksonville, who surely regrets giving up Clarke. It is no coincidence that the two teams that got the best deals for him are two of the best current teams.

13. George Weaver, CF, Dover Red Stockings

Owner - Shotgun

Overall Rating - Season 10 - 58, Best -83, Current - 82

Transactions - Signed a contract extension in Season 19

Production - Weaver has 108 homers, 492 runs, and 390 rbi's. He has batted .278, slugged .475, has an OPS of .820, and has 133 stolen bases. He has a fielding percentage .982 in CF, with 30 more negative plays than plus ones.

Awards - None

DL - 60-stint in Season 10

Contract - $18 million by the end of Season 19 and signed through Season 22

Summary - A nice player playing out of position in CF (would be a very good 2B). Will be a career Red Stocking if SHOTGUN will have him.

14. Royce Aven, 2B, Rochester Red Wings

Owner - caseyry in one awful season before tzentmeyer took over

Overall Rating - Season 10 - 66, Best - 80, Current - 79

Transactions - Traded to Durham in Season 10 for Nicholas Mathews. Traded to Jacksonville in Season 17 for Ken Simontacchi. Free Agent signing by Baltimore in Season 18. Released by Baltimore in Season 18 and claimed by Pittsburgh. Free Agent signing by St. Louis in Season 19.

Production - Hat 168 homers, 659 runs, and 678 rbi's. Has batted .290, slugged .459, and has an OPS of .810. Has also stolen 101 bases. In the field, has a .982 percentage at 2B, with 20 more positive plays than negative ones.

Awards - 2-time all-star with one World Series Ring

DL - A 15 day stint in Season 12.

Contract - Will have earned over $21 million by the end of Season 19. Signed through Season 20

Summary - A good defensive 2B with plus offensive skills for the position. Good value at this spot, but nowhere near the value coming in the next set of picks.

15. Lynn Singleton, P, Salt Lake City Mormons


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