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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekly Rankings - Week 5

1. Los Angeles Hollywoods (76-26) Prev #1 - The Hollywoods hold on to the top spot for the second consecutive week. They were an NL best 16-4 on the week, with series wins vs. Honolulu, San Francisco, Mexico City, and Helena. They own the world's best record, expected win percentage, and run differential. They are the 5th best batting team, best pitching team, and onle an average team in the field. Run differential +225

2. Houston Hangovers (72-31) Prev #2 - The Hangovers are again second best to LA, although they are only 5-5 in their last 10 games, including losing 3 of 4 to Mexico City. They own the third best batting, third best pitching, and second best fielding units. Run differential +215

3. Cincinnati Redlegs (67-36) Prev #3 - The top three stays the same as Cincy comes in as the top AL team. They had a 15-6 week, but did lose 3 out of 4 to rival Montreal. They own the top batting unit, #6 pitching staff, and #9 fielding squad. Run differential +213

4. Boston Tea Partiers (67-36) Prev #4 - And the top four stays the same. Boston had a 13-8 week, but did lose 6 out of 7 to division rivals Philadelphia and Durham. They have the second ranked batting, 11th ranked pitching, and 8th ranked fielding units. Run differential +169

5. Philadelphia Bacharach Giants (65-37) Prev #8 - Philly is the big mover and for good reason. They were 16-4 on the week, with a sweep of Boston and 3 of 4 games vs. Durham. They are 6th in batting, 5th in pitching, and 5th in fielding. Run differential +151

6. Rochester Red Wings (65-38) Prev #7 - Rochester had an OK week but their record is still a very good 65-38. They did win 3 of 4 vs. Cleveland and 2 of 3 vs. Pittsburgh. They are 10th in batting, 4th in pitching, and 6th in fielding. Run differential +147

7. Montreal Garde Imperial (61-42) Prev #5 - Montreal had an average (for them, anyway) week, going 12-9. They did win 3 of 4 vs. Cincy but have lost 4 in a row. They are the 4th best batting team, 7th best pithing team, and only average in the field. Run differential +176

8. Buffalo Bisons (62-40) Prev #6 - Of the Top 10 teams, Buffalo hadf the worst week at 11-9. They are only 5-6 after the All-Star break. They are average at the plate, second on the mound, and above average in the field. Run differential +123

9. Durham Tar Heels (61-41) Prev #9 - The Tar Heels were a mixed 12-8 on the week . They took 3 of 4 from Boston, but lost 3 of 4 to Philadelphia. They are 5th in batting, above average in pitching, and #1 in the field. Run differential +114

10.Mexico City Luchadors (58-45) Prev NR - The team formally knows as Montgomery reappears on the list after a very good 14-7 week. They took 3 of 4 from Houston and swept San Juan. They are 11th at the plate, 9th on the mound, and 13th in the field. Run differential +88

Dropped - Cleveland

Just Missed
11. New Orleans
12. Chicago
13. Cleveland

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